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Super Duper Kyle Went Tropical in the JamRoom for GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC X MILK

“Electric, feel-good, fun, and empowering.”

That’s how Southern California rapper Super Duper Kyle described the vibe last night after he took over the Milk JamRoom for a rager that had us all sweating. Seriously, it was hotter than a Nelly song without the sweatbands. It’s been a month since Milk and Google Play Music’s emerging artist series kicked off with some shimmer and shine courtesy of Empress Of. The spring weather was finally cooperating, so it was fitting to pair Kyle’s admittedly super duper sundrenched rap songs with fruit snacks and tequila for a night some people may not remember today.

After a select handful of people (all of whom you’re probably following on Instagram) packed into Milk’s infamous basement venue, it was time to party. While downtown It Girl DJ Kitty Cash spun hits that spanned decades, a permanent mob formed around the bar. As we pushed our way through, we found a crew of people who looked like they came straight from New Orleans to New York, by way of Lemonade—and we weren’t wrong. Brooklyn-based Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo was partying away last night. He’s recently exploded due to his work on the Beyoncé visual album; Senbanjo painted the faces and bodies of the dancers in Bey’s “Sorry” video, all in the signature Yoruba style. He followed up his time on the set with Queen Bey by stepping into the JamRoom with white markers in hand to paint faces and let loose, which was easy enough once Kyle and his crew hit the stage.

“It was ten million degrees in there but I didn’t even pay attention to that. I went complete Jadakiss mode,” Kyle explained after the show. “That’s the only way I can describe it. It was as tight as a Jadakiss punchline.” The crowd of models, Instagram kids, and even Dope star Shameik Moore may have been feeling the heat at first, but by the time Kyle and his brother Brick pulled out their dance moves, we were all jumping along to the music (and spilling drinks). When the performance ended and Kitty Cash took back the DJ booth, everyone took some time to reassess how they’d become so turnt on a Wednesday. It turns out, Kyle had the answer: “I’m a superhero and I can do anything.” Easy enough.

Check out more of Super Duper Kyle’s sunshine rap on Google Play Music.

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle.

Stay tuned to Milk for an exclusive interview and video with Super Duper Kyle, and more from the Google Play Music x Milk partnership.

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