Suburban kids around country are experiencing a streetwear miracle.



Supreme Tees Are Turning up at Local Kmarts for $4

Earlier this week, i-D Vice reported that a kid from suburban Idaho had stumbled upon a bunch of $4 blank Supreme tees at his local Kmart. What we all thought was a one-time streetwear miracle, however, has now been occurring throughout the country, with thousands of these blank t-shirts popping up in local Kmarts.  So far, lucky kids from California, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah and Virginia have taken to Twitter to brag about their steals and subsequent new business ventures. Yep, these small-town kids are flipping the t-shirts for profit.

You’re probably itching to know how any of this happened in the first place. It’s pretty straightforward: streetwear enthusiasts have long hypothesized now-defunct American Apparel as the primary supplier for Supreme’s blank t-shirts. When the LA company went bankrupt and had to close all of its stores, its remaining stock was probably sold off to Kmart as bulk liquidation product, rather than shipping to Supreme as usual.

Guess we’re not so bummed about American Apparel’s downfall anymore.

Source: i-D Vice

Images via i-D Vice

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