Swedish Kids' Program Has Dancing Tampon Fun

Nothing prepares young adolescents for menstruation like a Swedish boy singing with a ukulele. Barnkanalen, a Swedish television channel, is known to raise an eyebrow or two — it often airs blunt discussions of young developmental woes. It’s causing some new nervous twitches with its most recent clip on periods, called “Menslåten hela musikvideon från Fredagkväll med Alex,” which, according to Google Translate, means “Mens song full music video from Friday evening with Alex.” It rules!

“Sing and be glad – tampon and pad!” is just one many catchy lines from the tune. It details – like, graphically details – the process of menstruation, educating its young viewers about periods. The song starts by addressing its male audience, telling them not to lose their shit when girls get their periods. After all, “it is just a little blood.” It goes on to share that periods are normal and, quite frankly, awesome, all to an upbeat tune and intermittent dancing tampons.

The honest video isn’t the first of its kind for Barnkanalen. The channel has a history of creatively informative clips which cause upsets in the parental community. We’re especially fond of this clip, which shows a bunch of shining smiling genitals with rosy cheeks and batting eyelashes, eager to teach us about our bodies. Who knew vaginas could wear hats and sunglasses!

The crimson wave song goes farther than just addressing the natural process of menstruation and male aversion to Mother Nature’s gifts. Our Swedish teen heroine, clad in black hoodie and a massive silver chain (where’d the ukulele go?) breaks into a rap to tells girls not to be ashamed when it comes to menstruation. Speak up ladies! Be vocal about what you’re going through, and moreover, go to P.E.!

The video fails to submit to traditionally unrealistic depictions of periods, and its refreshing to see a real, non-taboo example of how it all works. Alongside emerging feminist period art from Petra Collins Carina Ubeda and Sarah Levy, the clip surmises a decreasing stigma around menstruation. We’re all for it.

Moreover, the clip reminds boys to be patient and nice when there is literally a civil war occurring in their female friends’ bodies. Beyond being respectful, we should add they can also bring us Costco-sized tubs of ice cream, and turn the other way when we feel like crying to Sam Smith acoustic songs.

Sweden is clearly much more progressive than us when it comes to many things – education, healthcare, those yummy little meatballs –  and we’re adding honest children’s program to the list. Disney should gird its loins, and maybe start showing some truly informative cartoons too. The period song is destined to hit the air and uncomfortable dads across Sweden today. Stay tuned for the raised eyebrows and fervent parental responses on Twitter.

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