Doritos tacos and tequila slushies? It's a match made in boozy heaven.



Taco Bell is About to Get a Whole Lot Boozier

Say goodbye to the drive-through and drink más—Taco Bell is officially adding boozy beverages to its lineup. By 2022, the fast food Tex-Mex chain plans to add over 300 new stores across the United States, this time without drive-throughs. However, to really persuade customers to get out of their cars and see what the Bell has to offer, they’re introducing a pretty great incentive—getting drunk.

No longer will Taco Bell be your go-to spot for classic drunk food post-bar. Now, you can do it all on location with their own selection of beers, wine, sangria, and a brand new item, the Twisted Freeze. Spiked with tequila, rum, or vodka, the Twisted Freeze is a total game changer (to say the least).

According to the Daily News, Taco Bell will reportedly open between 300 and 350 locations in big cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and New York. The chain plans to open 50 locations in Manhattan alone, whereas there are only six currently.

Doritos tacos and tequila slushies? It’s a match made in boozy heaven.

Featured Graphic by Erin McDowell

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