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Take A Trip To Zion With Moses Gauntlett Cheng

For Moses Gauntlett Cheng’s first outing at MADE Fashion Week, they stuck with a current, very 2016 aesthetic, featuring diversity of all kinds (size, race, gender, age). Gender has always been a wholly irrelevant concept for the label, who dressed models of all types in just whatever looked best, a strategy that most brands would be wise to follow. The whole thing sort of looked like if a bunch of club kids were stranded on Mercury and had to fashion some garments together. Zion is calling.

While advertised as a presentation, Moses Gauntlett Cheng put on a runway show filled with red light and smoke. There was skin and bikinis galore—the whole look was very “sexy caveman,” and there was even a nylon fabric referred to as “babyskin.” The garments were deconstructed like they were designed for a very au courant Geico commercial. Pick them up for a risqué trip to the Stone Age—or a nuclear wasteland in the not-so-distant future.

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