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Take on 2016 With Milk's Senior Superlatives

The weather this winter isn’t the only wild thing to happen in 2015. From a circus of a presidential campaign to an embrace of diversity in fashion and so much more, this year has been one we’ll never forget. Surprise album drops and the atomic force of a new Adele album weren’t enough to bring Frank Ocean out of hiding, but did unite us in frustration. Fashion weeks were defined by the underdogs rather than big name brands, and fashion house after fashion house lost the designers that had been at the creative helm for years. Oh, and this was also the year that we were graced by the gods with the epic tale of Zola the Stripper. It’s been lit, and to celebrate what’s to come in 2016, we went old school and dusted off our yearbooks for inspiration. To celebrate the best of the best this year, we proudly present our first ever Milk Superlatives. Happy New Year, everyone!

Best Dressed – J.W. Anderson

A shot from J.W. Anderson's collaborative collection with 'Kids' director Larry Clark.
A shot from J.W. Anderson’s collaborative collection with ‘Kids’ director Larry Clark.

It’s a pretty good indicator of your fashion prowess when you make history for being the first designer to win both best menswear and best womenswear designer at the British Fashion Awards– all before you’ve even turned 32. J.W. Anderson has become a figure in the fashion world over the past year, while collaborating with Kids director Larry Clark and dressing A$AP Rocky for his Jukebox Joints video. He’s brought gender neutrality to the runway, alongside a number of other designers, and took over the esteemed but troubled fashion house Loewe. Oh, and his Resort 2016 collection completely slayed the tropical scifi futuristic look, which is a sentence we never thought we’d get to write. As the calendar creeps closer to the New Year, we look forward to seeing what the Irish design star will do next.

Cutest Couple – Tim & Eric

Tim and Eric struck a prom pose so beautiful it would make your mother blush.
Tim and Eric struck a prom pose so beautiful it would make your mother blush. Photo by Andrew Boyle.

They are the sexiest satire duo since… ever. They may not have the name recognition of Kimye, or the questionable romantic bond you have with a quart of ice cream and Netflix on a lonely night, but Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have two television shows and a book together, and that’s just as important. Fresh off a cult following for their Adult Swim TV shows, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, and Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories, the platonic baes are also accomplished novelists, religious gurus, and experts at the “Prom pose.” We caught up with them back in July to talk their self-help book Zone Theory, and found a loving couple ready to talk (literal) shit and invite us into a pyramid scheme. It was the most romantic dupe we’ve seen since Adam and Eve tried convincing us that we should be ashamed of walking around in public naked with leaves tied to our bodies. We’ll buy into Tim & Eric’s new religion, but don’t try to take away our foliage nudity.

Most Likely To Be President – Bernie Sanders

With the endorsement of Run the Jewels rapper Killer Mike and weed smokers everywhere, Bernie Sanders is the underdog that might just make it to the White House next year. He’s a political Cinderella, surging in polls against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, and capturing the attention of everyone, all while maintaining a stance on social issues that has not budged in decades. You can’t say that about the other politicians running against him. It may be a long shot, but based on his advocacy for the Black Lives Matter movement, students, veterans, and the poor, we have a feeling he could just go all the way next year.

Most Likely to Succeed – Gypsy Sport

The Gypsy Sport SS16 show proved that gender is as outdated as your grandma's cassette tape collection.
The Gypsy Sport SS16 show proved that gender is as outdated as your grandma’s cassette tape collection. Photo by Andrew Boyle.

It was the three-way tie heard round the fashion world. This year saw an unprecedented win for Brother Vellies, Gypsy Sport, and Jonathan Simkhai at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. While all these brands represented different forms of greatness, it was MADE designer Rio Uribe’s avant-garde streetwear brand Gypsy Sport that really stood out from the pack. The designer had previously won the CFDA Emerging Designer award after an acrobatic Cirque d’Sport show with VFiles, and an awe-inducing runway show here at Milk Studios. The clashing patterns and fabrics complimented one of the most diverse assortments of people we’ve ever seen on a runway—everyone from professional models and drag queens to a woman nine months pregnant sashayed and danced down the runway. Based on the unwavering commitment to showcasing fashion for everyone, and Gypsy Sport’s sheer cool factor, we couldn’t have picked a better winner for this award.

Most Changed – Miley Cyrus

It looks like Miley took her Milk award a little bit too literally this year.
It looks like Miley took her Milk award a little bit too literally this year.

It may seem like she’s the winner every year—and she probably is. This year was huge for Miley Cyrus, and not because she shed her Disney image by straddling Robin Thicke. That era has ended, and making 2015 all about Miley the Activist. She started an LGBTQA nonprofit called The Happy Hippie Foundation, announced her gender fluidity, and released backyard concert videos of her singing duets with everyone from Ariana Grande to Joan Jett. Activism wasn’t the only change we saw from her. She brought her longtime collaborators The Flaming Lips together to create an album called Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz and the subsequent—and phenomenal—Milky Milky Milk Tour. The album was divisive, and her experimental and marijuana-laced sound clashed with her past work. Between new creative directions and a flair for LGBTQA activism, Miley is definitely not the person she was a year ago.

Best Friends – Jaden and Willow Smith

They may have been born and raised together, but this sibling powerhouse represented the pinnacle of best friendship in 2015. We’ve all grown to hate at least one of your siblings, so it’s a small miracle that Jaden and Willow aren’t just friends, but also creative collaborators who seem to exist in their own little world. It’s a strange land, where time doesn’t really exist and we may all be fragments of a holographic reality that a higher consciousness made, according to their hilarious New York Times profile. They’re still at the tender age of 14 (Willow) and 16 (Jaden), and yet they’ve produced some of the best new music of the year– we love their collaborative tracks “Melancholy“, “11:30PM“, and “5.” Oh, and when they aren’t busy working separately on new Netflix shows, or surprise dropping their debut album, they kill a live performance.

Class Clown – Donald Trump

Much like this Donald Trump sex doll, the real walking hairpiece ad is just a lot of hot air who's joke has overstayed it's welcome.
Much like this Donald Trump sex doll, the real walking hairpiece ad is just a lot of hot air who’s joke has overstayed its welcome.

There is no Senior Superlative for Most Likely To Be A Fascist Xenophobe, so this will have to do. After all, who else has become the biggest joke in politics since Howard Dean’s infamous yell rocked America in 2004? Only the walking hairpiece known as Donald Trump was able to capture just how hilariously out of touch the Republican Party has become. Whether it was his recent exclamation of disgust over the fact that women use the bathroom, or his views on everything from climate change (he’s not a believer) to immigration (he’s dreaming of a reboot of the Great Wall of China), this man is an absolute joke. But perhaps his unprecedented rise to frontrunner status has done more than just offer the country a real glimpse into the dark heart of the GOP. As fun as it is to laugh at him, the ugly truth is that his support comes from a subsection of this country that fears Muslims, the fictional city of Agrabah, and black activists. This year, we’ve got to laugh to keep from crying over the nightmare we’re living in.

Marvelous Musician – Drake

Here we are applauding Drake for his vintage Apple jacket and he's over here applauding himself for being Drake.
Here we are applauding Drake for his vintage Apple jacket, and he’s over here applauding himself for being Drake.

If you didn’t try to learn the hip grandpa dance that Drake does in the Hotline Bling video, you’re lying to yourself. This was the year that our fav 6 god slayed the music game with a fiery hit single that lit up everyone’s hotline, and two surprise albums. Apparently, Drizzy’s into giving music fans heart attacks. First, it was February’s release of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Then came What a Time to Be Alivethe collab album with another of our favorite musicians of the year, Future (#FutureHive forever). Outside of album releases, the Canadian cutie teamed up with Apple (and put up an emotionally considerate middle finger to Jay Z’s Tidal service) for an exclusive partnership with Apple Music, and brought fire to the festival circuit with headlining performances at Governor’s Ball and Coachella.

Most Involved – Dame Vivienne Westwood

Want to become the ultimate badass? Ditch the douchey hoverboards and get a tank.
Want to become the ultimate badass? Ditch the douchey hoverboards and get a tank.

If there is one image I will never forget from this year, it’s Dame Vivienne Westwood riding on top of a tank to protest against a British Prime Minister David Cameron for his environmental policies. It confirmed her spot as the Queen of Punk and showed that the 74-year-old designer is killin’ it on and off the runway. After a killer collab with Opening Ceremony, her SS16 collection brought out Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte for his runway debut, which put him in the same group of Westwood muses as Alexa Chung, Naomi Campbell, Daisy Lowe, and Pamela Anderson. As if all that wasn’t enough, she combined her love for activism and her fashion brand for the coolest runway show of the year—aptly titled “Politicians R Criminals.” For that show, she marched in a protest group with models adorned in her SS16 collection, until they made their way to the venue and marched down the runway. Nobody else compares to the level of involvement Westwood showed this year and for that, we give her this award. March into 2016 with style, you punk goddess.

Stay tuned to Milk for a new year of pop culture moments.

Images and video via Director X, Larry Clark, Andrew Boyle, Capital FM, Saint Hoax, Apple, and David Hartley. 

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