The set at Sandy Liang was created by the ladies behind genius home goods store Coming Soon.



Talking To The Designers Behind Sandy Liang's Plush Sets [NYFW]

I have the great privilege and great misfortune of living across the street from the Lower East Side home goods store Coming Soon. It’s a privilege because the store is drop-dead gorgeous, and its owners, Fabiana Faria and Helena Barquet, are always friendly and welcoming. It’s a misfortune because I constantly want to buy everything, and thus I struggle daily between emptying my bank account or purposefully walking with my head down and my eyes closed in order to avoid temptation. But alas, as Hitler once said, “Struggle is the father of all things.”

As they did last season, Faria and Barquet decked out the set for Sandy Liang’s presentation at MADE New York, complete with goods from the store. “It’s funny,” said Faria. “I think we [and Sandy Liang] are just in tune with our color palette. The baby blue that we’re doing now with our furniture goes really well with her clothes.” Barquet agreed. “Last season, it was all about pink and green. It seems effortless.”

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They created a dream living room, using Coming Soon’s trademark aesthetic: eclectic, a little retro, and never overdone, with beautiful, unexpected details, like a silver Gucci duck—”We always bring the Gucci duck,” said Faria—that rested on a table amidst blooms from Brrch Floral. The focal point was a fantastic burnt orange shag rug. According to Barquet, “There was no theme this year. The orange rug was the starting point.” The models were holding champagne, and when asked to describe the set, both agreed that it was designed to be like a dream cocktail party, or, as Faria said, “The best-dressed cocktail party ever.”

Liang’s whole SS17 presentation was very much a neighborhood affair, focusing on that particular area where the Lower East Side and Chinatown meet (apparently it is now called the Bar-muda Triangle, but I live there and I was unaware of this). She’s a local—her father owns LES staple restaurant Congee Village—and a number of the models work at intimidatingly hip businesses nearby, like Dimes and Into The Gloss. “It’s all very Lower East Side,” said Faria.

"Alky" Chair has never looked better #stillavailable

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All of the furniture featured is available at the store. “Everything’s for sale.” said Barquet. “Except for the Gucci duck. And the models!” I asked Barquet and Faria what they’ll be doing for the rest of Fashion Week, besides skipping the pitfalls of human trafficking. They both responded that they will be avoiding it.

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