'Tangerine' Director And Abbey Lee Pair Up For New Kenzo Film

Sean Baker, the director of last year’s amazing indie Tangerine, recently wrote and directed Kenzo‘s new fashion film, Snowbird. The film, set in a trailer park, features Australian model-turned-Mad Max actress Abbey Lee Kershaw, who wears pieces from the SS16 collection. I did wonder how her character, Theo, was able to afford the latest Kenzo outfits while living in a mobile home, but she looked gorgeous in them so I’ll let it slide.

Snowbird, like Tangerine, was filmed entirely on an iPhone. It has a dreamy, surreal feel to it, and the setting, a remote campsite in California called Slab City, looks somewhat post-apocalyptic. The people in the film seem like the last people on earth, living like vagabonds in a barren dessert. The soundtrack, by Stephonik Youth, is equally whimsical.

The film shows Kershaw going from trailer to trailer and striking up conversations with people in the community, sharing a cake that she made for fun with each person. One of her neighbors, clearly a philosopher, states, “Sometimes it’s good to have cake for no reason at all.” Another neighbor calls for, “Wake, bake, and cake!” It’s a solid motto for life.

Kershaw is also the only professional actor in the film, while the others are all locals. When Baker was asked by i-D about the way he casts, he said its because he  “like[s] to mix non-professionals or first time actors with seasoned actors,” and in the moment improvise based on certain scenes and ideas from conversation. The technique clearly works for him.

No spoilers, but Snowbird ends with a major twist. You’ll have to watch it yourself.

Stay tuned to Milk for more fashion films.

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