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Tap Into The Global Sound of Amber Mark

Amber Mark has a global sound. Influenced by multiple musical cultures from traveling as a kid, this genre-bending artist artfully layers diverse beats, instruments, and motifs within her two EPs, Conexão and 3:33AM. On stage, her performance effortlessly transfers her largely electronic sound into a full live show that leaves her audience in awe. She has recently wrapped up a tour with Leon Bridges and released a track and video, “Put You On, partnering with DRAM and MJ Cole on the project. Milk sat down with Mark to talk more about her first song, ramen, and the significance of the number “3” in her life.  

You grew up in many different countries, did that influence your EP 3:33AM?

Yes, I definitely tried to incorporate my childhood into 3:33AM cause it had a lot to do with my mother and she was all about traveling.  I was really influenced by our time in India since that was her favorite place. She’s from Germany but India was definitely her home. She would have lived out the rest of her life there. So it was really important for me to incorporate the sound of India into the EP.

Is there one place you call home?

I lived a lot of places as a kid so it was always really hard for me to tell people where I was from. But it’s come to a point where if I were to add up all the months and years I lived in once place, the longest would be New York.

How did you make your first song?

I started writing songs when I was like 11… but the first time I ever finished a song with production was in when I was 21. It was made in my bedroom using logic, a usb connected mic & some plugin’s. It’s called “S P A C E”. I’ve always been interested in writing mainly the production side of things. Even as a kid I rarely ever paid attention to the lyrics. What attracted me to a song for the most part was the instrumentation.

“Monsoon” has an incredible, gripping power to it and features your mother, Mia. Can you tell us more about how you made that track?

I had been messing around with the piano riff for some time. Back in 2015 I was just trying to express the emotions I was going through. It just came naturally to me. I wasn’t like, “I’m gonna sit down and write a song,” I just felt like I needed to get all of that off my chest.

Tell us about the name of your first EP, 3:33 AM.

I chose “3:33AM” because three has always been a very prominent number in my life.

My mother was born the year 1953, my brother was born 1983 and I was born 1993. My mother passed away June 3 the year 2013 at 10:23pm. Then when I was writing the EP, I would write a lot at night into the early morning hours. For two weeks straight every night that I was writing I would be in the deep zone of production and then sort of jump out of thinking to myself that I should go to sleep I have to be an adult in the morning, and every time this would have it would be 3:33am. So I thought it was only fitting. Plus my initials are “AM” so it fit very well.

And now your second EP Conexão is out!  How do you feel?

I was very nervous at first, afraid people wouldn’t like it. But the response was more than I could have asked for.

What is the biggest difference between Conexão and 3:33AM?

3:33AM is about the loss of love & Conexão is about finding love again.  The subject is a big difference.

Have you always wanted to be a musician? Can you see yourself doing anything else?

I really wanted to be a dancer when I was a kid. But I knew I always wanted to do something affiliated with music.

You have an entire day to yourself, what would you do?

Go to Ivan Ramen even if it’s summer time… eat a lot of ramen. Go home take a nap and then go somewhere else to eat.

We loved your show in NYC. How’s the tour so far?

The tour was absolutely amazing. It was so great to meet my fans and hear them singing along to my music. Really warmed my heart. Performing is my favorite part of this career path. I have so much fun on stage. So it’s been enjoyable getting to do it for a month straight. I think the only hard part is being away from my family. I’m very attached to them. So it can be a little lonely.

Any weird tour stories yet?

No weird ones… but something cool that happened was that these two amazing guys back at the Chicago show got my lyrics tattooed on their legs I thought that was amazing!

Say you could do anything on stage and get away with it, what would it be?

Smoke a joint.

Any artist you’d love to perform next to?

Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Kendrick.

Images courtesy of Rebecca Marlis

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