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#TBT: An Illustrated Twist On Our Inaugural #MilkLoves Project

Just when you thought the #MilkLoves project had wrapped, we’re back: with 10 illustrated versions of our definitive roster of ones to watch for 2018. Artist Ellissa Schatz teamed up with Milk to create one-of-a-kind portraits, and the results are ground-breaking—bringing the original photos back to life in a whole new way. Schatz incorporated the personalities and 2018 mad libs from each feature so that each new illustration is unique to and reflective of its subject. From Lolo Zouai‘s ending line (“2018 is going to be life changing, because I said so”) to Renell Medrano‘s 2018 catch phrase (“Your faith should be greater than your fear”), each person’s words of wisdom for the new year live on in Schatz’s fresh characterizations.

Check the full roster in the gallery above for a deeper dive (and brand-new twist) behind #MilkLoves.

Illustrations courtesy of Ellissa Schatz; original photography courtesy of James Emmerman

Stay tuned to Milk for more collaborative artwork. 

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