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#TBT: ComplexCon With Julian Dakdouk

This past weekend I had the luxury of attending the third annual ComplexCon, held in Long Beach’s Convention Center. 

This year brought some of the drip-est individuals in the streetwear game and put everyone in check as to whom came correct. I’m obviously bias, but if you got a chance to check out our Milk IG takeover, I think you would agree I took the crown. But enough about me…ComplexCon is a diverse event in which a music festival, trade show, and several other elements come together under one very stylish roof. 

Whether it was checking out Vince Staples as he performed on the Pigeons & Planes stage or listening to Virgil Abloh host a panel of The Next Generation of Designwhich included some of the brightest young stars in fashion like Rhugi, Ev Bravado, Brick Owens & Dieter Grams—one was immersed within a community of creatives whom all live under the same motto: “Do it.”

The biggest takeaway for me was the feeling of being around people who are multi-talented and believe that all it takes is the choice to act on pursuing your dreams. I had a chance to speak to a wide range of fashion brands and designers about their start and what sacrifices it took to get to the point where they are now. Each story reminded me that the fear of failure always hinders your actions. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by a bunch of people who overcame those initials feelings and ultimately believed in themselves and their product—something we all should do more of. 

By far one of my favorite moments of this weekend was getting the chance to sit in on the OTHERtone Live Taping. Pharrell Williams led an amazing panel which featured Scott Vener, Vince Staples, and Deray McKesson. The eclectic upbringing of each individual gave one amazing narrative-driven insight into how race, politics, and life materialize in different part of the world. 

All in all, for the naysayers who think ComplexCon is made up of a bunch of hypebeasts who waste their money on current trends in hopes of selling it for a profit…you may be right. But I encourage you next year to make a trip for yourself and do lots of the one thing that no one really does anymore. Talk! 

Speak to those that have put their blood, sweat, and tears into a product and see what it takes to deal with discomfort and inconsistency. That approach led me to some of the most intellectual conversations I have had in a while and ultimately left me with some many great memories at my first ComplexCon…

See you next year. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more from the west coast.  

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