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#TBT: Experience The Winter Olympics With This Milk Fam Photo Diary

There’s just a few days left in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, and we’re here for it. And while watching on TV is a decent substitute for going to Pyeongchang (considering we can’t just hop on a plane and get there), it just doesn’t match up to real thing. Lucky for us, two OG members of the Milk fam, founder Mazdack Rassi and Milk LA Bookings Director Shaun Murdock, were there to document their experience IRL, alongside photographer Andrew Arthur. Murdock gave us a little rundown of the best moments from his week across the globe with gold medalist Shaun White and crew; check below for his recap, and above for the full gallery of Arthur’s images.

What were your expectations going into this Olympics? 

I really had no expectations going into this. I was absolutely so overwhelmed by the fact that not only were I GOING TO THE OLYMPICS, but MY HOMIE IS COMPETING ON THE BIGGEST WORLD STAGE EVER…so as my all caps can show I was just pretty excited overall. Haha 

How did they match up with your experience? 

I mean to say that my expectations were met and beyond, and even that would just be an understatement. To be honest, I’m still absorbing what really happened. I went to Seoul for the first time, had the most incredible few days, and then journeyed to the mountains of South Korea (Pyeongchang) …saw athletes from all over the world….saw my friend compete, and not only compete but win the GOLD MEDAL…it was just something you can’t imagine even in your wildest dreams and it literally unfolds right in front of you….unreal…absolutely unreal.  Best time ever.

Tell us about the Opening Ceremony. 

First of all, the Opening Ceremony and every other day there was COLD AF! I mean hella cold!!! Besides that…it was just a spectacle!  One of those larger-than-life shows…you had people from every country…so proud and excited…and as you sit in the stadium…all of a sudden, the most magical production unfolds…crazy costumes, casts of characters…set design…it was really cool….beyond that the parade of athletes was the coolest because you see all the bad ass athletes from each country in their uniforms all together!  Pretty dope!

Favorite Winter Olympics sport? 

I mean…Men’s Halfpipe…DUH!

Most surprising moment of the Olympics? 

To be real, it was when Shaun was knocked into 2nd place, because if you remember, he was in first place after his first run…and then when Ayumu Hirano did his second run and knocked Shaun into 2nd place…and then Shaun fell on his second run, I was like…OH SHIT…this isn’t good…so yeah that surprised me.

Best meal? 

For sure this Korean BBQ spot where they just had all the best meats and a big huge private room…it was called Darae…in Pyeongchang…and the owner of the restaurant would give you a ride home…we ate here a couple times.  Haha

Funniest moment?

Would have to be singing karaoke on our bus from Seoul to Pyeongchang…that was pretty epic…I think Rassi might have even been screaming lyrics to Frozen…along with the rest of us…yeah that happened.

Biggest takeaway? 

Man…without getting all sappy again, I guess it would just be that strong will, determination, dedication, hard work and focus will really get you to the highest heights of wherever you want to go. The Olympics show you that through athletes and their abilities and accomplishments, but you can totally apply those same principles to daily life and truly chase your wildest dreams!!

Stay tuned to Milk for more sporty throwbacks.

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