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#TBT: One Member of The Milk Fam Reflects on The Women's March

Photographer Andrew Boyle has witnessed (and documented) the Women’s March from its first iteration in January 2017. Now, a year later, he returns to the stomping grounds to photograph round two. Read on for his recap and view the photos in the slideshow above.

“The battle for the individual rights of women is one of long standing and none of us should countenance anything which undermines it.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

When I attended last year’s Women’s March in DC, I was floored at the sheer scale. And then the images came in. 750,000 in L.A, 400,000 back in NYC, 250,000 in Chicago. But after the expected large turn outs at major cities, the images of protest in small town an outpouring for the fear of what was to come from an administration steeped in values from the 1950s, and to let them know we aren’t having it. Questions were posed of what action needs sparking.
2018 felt more of an assurance of simmering chamge. The march became a push to galvanize women into office, voter registration, to balance power in industries. Obviously I went to shoot, but I went to support the women in my life. My mum, my sister, my girlfriend, my LGBTQ friends and their partners, every female in my life as I am blessed to work with so many. As a male I smiled watching as fathers hoisted their daughters proudly on their shoulders allowing their young eyes to survey this energized movement, and assurance that whatever they want in life they should be able to get it. It made me proud to see the guys out there standing for their sisters, mothers, partners and colleagues.
I hope we can foster the ability to have constructive conversations on difficult subjects, listen to those that might not share our opinions despite nasty resistance, and provide a path to change. As a male, I am committing to listen, watch, encourage, call out things that need to be called out and support a hundred percent. In the end, once the tired establishment and patriarchy comes crashing down, we all win.

Stay tuned to Milk for more politics with a twist.

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