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1/17 — Chella Man (@chellaman) and Juliette Geilfuss (@juliettegiel)



#TBT: Reimagining 70s Punk With DRØME & Screaming Mimis

Get ready for a NYFW flashback: in the spirit of going against the grain this fashion week, Milk paid a visit to DRØME’s NYFW show, The New New Wave, at Public Arts in collaboration with Screaming Mimis. Unsurprisingly, it was lit. As an art and fashion collective dedicated to elevating marginalized voices, DRØME’s mission is closely aligned with our own; thus, it was a no brainer to dive deeper on the message behind The New New Wave. Reimagining 70s punk aesthetic with Screaming Mimis and assorted performers (shoutout to Milk fam Chella Man), the DRØME community came together to honor rebellion against the norm, and nontraditional style at its best.

“By centering the looks around ‘punk,’ the show explored how style and aesthetics can engage a form of rebellion,”DRØME Editor in Chief Caroline D’Arcy Gorman says. “True to DRØME’s ethos, we wanted the show to disrupt the space and pose questions about fashion’s ability to empower the individual.”

The New New Wave was rebellious in more ways than one; it also enabled DRØME to take a stand against fast fashion by presenting only vintage clothing.

“We integrated sustainability politics into the show by working only with second hand clothing and jewelry/accessories made from found objects,” DRØME Executive Director Satchel Lee says. “The fashion industry is one of the most destructive industries in the world. How incredibly punk to take care of our planet while still serving looks!”

Earlier this week, we said fashion week was officially dead; on that note, we’re pivoting the spotlight to off-the-radar communities where art, style, and social movements are born and come to fruition. It’s the new wave (read: The New New Wave), DRØME is at the forefront, and we’re here for it.

Images courtesy of  Matteo Mobilio

Stay tuned to Milk for more fashion week highlights.

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