We'll have whatever he's having.



#TBT: The Freakiest Commercial of The 2000s

This old ass Nutri-Grain commercial from 2003 has resurfaced out of the vast, unknown depths of the internet, and we’re not sure how we ever lost sight of it in the first place. Kellogg’s, purveyor of your favorite breakfast cereals, cheese crackers, and what seem to be amphetamine-laced grain bars, didn’t even pick up the spec advertisement by Turnpike Films—but it was picked up by literally everyone else, going viral in the early 2000s and maybe reliving a bit of its glory now. Blurring the lines between grains of wheat and grams of your favorite upper, it’s hard to watch this video and not feel pure amusement, confusion, intrigue, fear, introspection…etc.

Because we’re having a hard time verbalizing or even understanding our sentiments from watching this video, and have no doubt that you will too, below are a few comments gathered from YouTube to either help make sense of it all or further complicate your already convoluted thoughts. While our feelings lack closure, there is at least one thing we’re sort of certain about: We’ll have what he’s having.

Images and video via YouTube.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on our favorite 2000s throwbacks. 

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