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Teen Stars Basically Dominated "The United States Of Pop 2015"

At the end of each year, DJ Earworm takes the biggest hits of the year and turns them all into a monster mash-up called “The United States Of Pop.” From Adele to Fetty Wap, almost every artist that you’ll hear on your local pop station is featured on the epic song. This year is no different. The song, released yesterday, December 3rd, is basically a concise summary of 2015 music. The new track also sparks the question: what the fuck did 2015 sound like?

After listening to the “United States Of Pop 2015,” an easy, quick assumption to make is that, maybe, every song pretty much sounds the same. But there’s nothing wrong with a catchy song being catchy and following the catchy formula. What’s notable about this year is that its filled with memorable music from particularly unexpected sources. Like, who thought that Justin Bieber would release a pop album that appeals to someone other than 15-year-old girls?

The mash-up serves as evidence of Bieber’s total dominance of 2015. Can we nominate the flute on “What Do You Mean” as the most important sound of the year? If “Sorry” hasn’t been stuck in your head for the past few months, you’re probably lying. And his collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, “Where Are U Now” basically made him into an EDM star, at least in our opinion.

And, who thought Selena Gomez would do a song with A$AP Rocky, let alone a pretty good song with A$AP Rocky?

Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, One Direction, and Nick Jonas led the crossover from “teen” singers to actual artists. It’s not surprising, though. Maybe, it’s just that it’s taken the world a little while to catch on to the fact that teenagers actually listen to some good tunes.

All in all, through this year’s “United States Of Pop,” we’ve learned that Generation Z is just ahead of the curve musically! So basically, let’s take the stars we’ve previously categorized as “teen,” and give them a little more artistic merit. 

We’re sorry, not sorry.

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