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Teen Wins Endless Chicken Nuggets for a Year on Twitter

It’s hump day, and we’re all in need of a little inspiration to get us through the rest of the week, so we bring forth Carter Wilkerson of Nevada. Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, some, like Wilkerson, demand endless supplies of delectable chicken nuggets. In this case, the teen tweeted a proposition to Wendy’s, the classic American fast-food chain, asking how many retweets he’d have to reach to win a year’s supply of their delectable nuggets. The chain responded with a (seemingly) totally unrealistic amount, “18 million,” taunting the insatiable boy’s yearning for tender white meat coated in crunchy, greasy goodness. With that said, now, only a month later, 18 million retweets have gone from totally impossible to “Holy shit I should’ve asked for sauces too…”At 3.6 million retweets, Wilkerson has got a long way to go to reach the 18 million marker, but he’s already been deemed a winner in a number of ways. To start, Wendy’s has reasonably admitted that being crowned most retweets of all time was enough to merit him the endless nuggets. So, while he didn’t reach their original goal, he has reached his. This feat also means dethroning Ellen Degeneres, queer queen of daytime television, from her reign with the most retweets of all time. Remember that Oscar selfie? Yeah, the legendary one? Wilkerson’s nugget-begging has acquired more attention than a singular photo of Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o, Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Jared Leto, and Ellen herself. Degeneres, in good humor and probably slight envy, even invited Wilkerson to her talk show, reasoning “you know what they say… keep your friends close and your Twitter competition closer.” Further, nugget boy has been verified on Twitter and even started a hashtag movement, #nuggsforcarter. Realizing the attention that his nugget plea has been garnering, the teen changed his prize from a year’s supply of nuggets to a donation of $100,000 by Wendy’s to The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which is a charity dedicated to finding homes for children in foster care. Wendy’s vowed to grant Wilkerson both prizes—talk about dreamy. Thus, not only does Wilkerson have the title of social media legend under his belt, but also of philanthropist… and soon, will probably boast the world record for most chicken nuggets ingested by a human being.

Source: The Verge

Images via Business Insider, Twitter

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