These dudes were not about the 'no shorts' policy during record heatwave



Teenage Boys Wore Skirts to School in Protest of Uniform

Last Thursday, around 30 teenage boys at Isca Academy in Devon, England came to school wearing skirts in protest of their institution’s ‘no shorts’ policy. The trigger? A record-high heatwave hitting the area, with temperatures soaring up past 30 degrees celsius, marking the hottest June days since 1976.

According to the Guardian, the secondary school students asked their teachers if they could swap their pants for shorts, but their request was turned down. This setback, however, wouldn’t stop them from defying the administration and showing up to school rocking plaid skirts instead.

Their bare-legged freedom was described as “quite refreshing” by one boy, and another one told the Guardian that he enjoyed the “nice breeze.” What’s more, despite the temperature having decreased to a bearable 20 degrees, the boys said they quite enjoyed their new attire, and considered continuing wearing the skirts to school. If that’s the case, they better check out Thom Browne’s new Spring 2018 menswear skirts.

British school kids, fighting the gender binary one heatwave at a time!

Source: The Guardian

Images via the Guardian

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