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1/41 — Telfar by Christine Hahn.



Telfar's Agender Army Takes A Vacation

Before the first models even began their strut, a fashion show was happening off the runway as club kids, musicians, and designers gathered to see the newest collection by Telfar. Musicians Le1F and Dev Hynes joined everyone from fashion designer Vejas Kruszewski to club kid Sussy Sus for a show that proved why Telfar Clemens is one of the most exciting young designers in fashion.  For his return to Made FW, Telfar brought out a collection ready to go from the runway to the jungle and back again, by way of the MTA with a pit stop at White Castle – the square burgers were handed out at the show.

The show began with a collection of militarized workman jumpsuits in steel greys and deep blacks, representing an urban, drab workweek in the city. As a wall of subway screens and the sound of frenzied crowds gave way to ethereal piano and choir music, the hues transitioned into jungle greens, sandy browns, and a beautiful mauve. Short shorts and leather slippers intermixed with bare feet and toned chests as jungle safari vibes overtook the collection.

Telfar is no stranger to breaking down gender binaries, and this season was no exception. Both men and women came out in matching outfits, holding onto clutches, purses, and even iPhones. As the models left the jungle and took to the beach, all-over prints meshed with neutral grays and all-white ensembles for a dramatic finish that gave way to a standing ovation for the designer.

After the show, the models gathered backstage and lifted up Telfar for a celebratory cheer. We then caught up with a designer for a quick chat about the visuals and sponsorship for the collection.

How are you feeling right now?

I feel fantastic! It was a long time overdue.

Could you tell me a bit about the White Castle inspiration?

They’re one of our head sponsors, and they’re big supporters of me. They love the line, so it’s a perfect match.

Your graphics are always amazing. How did the video at the show come together?

The video was an anime that I’m actually kind of a character in. It’s by CULTURESPORT, a group of artists from Georgia, and they are releasing an anime epic at the end of the year. These were frames from my involvement in the project, and some of the brand’s ads are going to be from CULTURESPORT, so it’s really like a second life for us.

TELFAR SS16 MADEFW – MADE Fashion Week | Facebook

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Photography by Mitchell McLennanAndy Boyle, and Christine Hahn.

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