Musician, dancer, and incredibly fit person Teyana Taylor, shot at The Blonds.



Teyana Taylor On The 'Fade' Vid + 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' [NYFW]

It feels like just yesterday Teyana Taylor was making us envious of her extravagant birthday party on MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen. Now, the R&B singer and G.O.O.D Music signee is fresh off the set of that viral vid for Kanye West’s “Fade.” Twitter went insane over her impeccable dancing and legitimately insane body; the woman had a child not very long ago, and I watched it, stunned, whilst eating pizza and weeping. She was immediately accosted when sitting front row at The Blonds’ SS17 runway show at MADE New York. Taylor’s been around for a while, but clearly a major star has been born. We caught up with the Do Not Disturb singer to discuss her recent stint in Yeezy Season 4, her new fitness DVD, and more.

How’s your night going so far?

It’s going wonderful! It’s hectic, it’s busy, it’s overwhelming, but all in a good way.

Are you going to a lot of shows?

I am, but not only am I going to shows, I’m in the middle of filming a TV series I’m going to meetings and fittings and all types of stuff. Every hour of the 24 hours is all filled up.

So you were like a star of the Yeezy show, what was that experience like?

It was amazing, it was amazing. I think it was like my second show ever, my second runway show ever, so it was pretty exciting. I did Diesel a long time ago, when I was like seventeen, that was my first show.

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So this has obviously been a huge couple of weeks for you, considering how the “Fade” video blew up. How was the dance choreographed?

About 80% of it was actually freestyle, I just went and did what I had to do and then my homeboys Matthew and Guapo helped me a lot, I also wanted the music and choreography that me and my homeboy Matthew made for Beyoncé a long time ago, and she wound up not being able to use it because she was pregnant, so it was crazy how things come in full circles. We were able to actually use the choreo, so it worked out well.

Do you have any new music coming up?

Yes, right now we’re currently working on an album, working on my new fitness DVD called Fade the Fitness [Laughs].

The world needs that.

It will be out very soon, very soon. I’m super excited.

You were the star of my favorite episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen of all time. Do you ever rewatch it?

It’s crazy because to this day, years later, MTV still plays it.

It’s a really good episode.

Yeah, and I’m just always like oh my god, oh my god. It’s so weird to watch myself and see how I was at such a young age.

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Maya Fuhr.

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