One small step for astro botanists, one giant leap for botanist-kind.



Thanks to NASA, You Can Now Garden in Space

Good news: space botanists are actually now a thing. The space pioneers at NASA have succeeded in growing zinnia flowers in space, which means we could feasibly grow other crops in space too—a significant step forward in NASA’s eternal pursuit to stick people on Mars

Just before the New Year, Astronaut Scott Kelly took to Twitter, saying he had to “channel his inner Mark Watney,” Matt Damon’s character in The Martian, in order to make sure his plants stay healthy when they’re having a bad day. And, if we’re being honest, growing flowers in the ISS sounds much better than when Damon had to grow potatoes in his own poop. (Ew.)

NASA hopes to attempt to grow other crops in space in the future, possibly even some tomatoes and cabbage! Personally, I hope they invest in finding ways to put Shake Shack on Mars because my heart goes out to the people who are sent there. If you don’t already know, the Mars-bound humans can’t have sex, can’t go outside, and can’t come back to earth. The least we could do is make a Kickstarter for the purpose of bringing them burgers. 

GIF art by Kathryn Chadason.

Stay tuned to Milk for more enticing botanists. 

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