Adele will bring the family together, once and for all.



Thanksgiving Survival 101: A Playlist to Keep Your Family Docile

Thanksgiving can be a touchy holiday. With multiple generations sitting around a table it can be tough to talk about things that don’t end in a political debate, an accidental insult, or an awkward pause — let’s all avoid talking about Syrian refugees this year unless you’re prepped for a no-hold-barred war. However, according to Saturday Night Live the best way to bridge the generation gap is turning on ‘Hello’ by Adele whenever things get hairy.

It’s easy to see why SNL picked ‘Hello’ — other than the fact that Adele was the musical guest — it’s a song that anyone can like. But it’s not the only one!

To make your holiday weekend a little less anxiety inducing, we’ve rounded up 65 songs, from both your parents’ generation and yours, that are basically impossible to criticize (at least in our opinion). If things are getting just a little too scary to deal with, turn on this playlist, and watch everyone bask in the memories brought on by the hits of yesterday and today.  

If all else fails, there’s always food.

Stay tuned to Milk for more updates on how to make the holidays peaceful.

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