The 5 Most Gifable Moments From Grimes' New Video

With every new video, Canadian art-pop singer and producer Grimes, born Claire Boucher, seems to get more bombastic and frantic. Her previous two-act clip for “Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream” was a multi-dimensional short film that made Miley Cyrus look understated, and her new music video for “Kill V. Maim,” released Monday, maintains her perfectly overwhelming visual persona.

The video for the brash electro-screamo track, off her newest album Art Angels, takes us on Grimes’ journey with her squad of cyberpunk vampires. The crew drives through blurry neon-lit highways, dons surgical masks in an abandoned train station, and squirts blood everywhere in an underground fight club as if it were a totally normal day, ending with a completely casual message: “You Died.”

Holding up her celebrated reputation for taking complete creative control of all of her projects, Grimes edited and art directed the video herself, and co-directed it with her brother and longtime creative partner Mac Boucher. Grimes also provided the little animations spread throughout the clip, a trait present in her previous music video and the cover of Art Angels.

The video serves as Act III in Grimes’ music video series for Art Angels, and according to Mac’s, it won’t be the last. Check out the messiest, funniest, and most downright manic GIFs from the video.

0:53 — The ‘(Jack)Hammer and Nail’

This is now my new dance move for the club. My frenzied drumbeats bring absolutely nobody to the yard.

1:50 — The ‘Heaver Than Expected Woodcutting Device’

Will ax control become the next pressing issue? (1)

2:04 — The ‘Just Missed the Express Train’

This is what my panic attacks look like as well. (2)

2:20 — The ‘Guy Drunk Dancing at 2AM To No Music’

The megaphone. The oversized plaid coat. The gothic backup dancers raging in an empty train station. #Squadgoals are now a thing again. (3)

3:06 — The ‘I’ve Made a Huge Mistake’

Let’s not lie: This is exactly how last night went for all of us. (4)

Stay tuned to Milk for more cyberpunk GIFs.

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