Crimson Peak Is Out: Here's The Top 5 Most Stylish Scary Movies

We turn to horror movies for a variety of reasons. Obviously we watch them to get the shit scared out of us, but they provide so much more, like lessons in good filmmaking or a chance to touch the Tinder date you invited over to Netflix and chill. Today marks the release of Guillermo del Toro’s new gothic horror film Crimson Peak, which looks to be absurdly beautiful — and the costumes are wildly gorgeous. Halloween also is imminent and we have next to no ideas for what to wear, so we’ve turned to some of our favorite scary movies for some style inspiration. Without further ado, here our are picks for the 5 Most Stylish Scary Movies.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula:

While Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of the vampire classic is indulgent, to say the least, one area where this quality worked was in the costumes. There’s Victorian splendor served in spades, with some highlights being good ol’ Dracula’s double-breasted silver suit with matching top hat and sunglasses, Mina’s ravishing scarlet ball gown with a curved seam, and back-from-the-dead Lucy’s multi-tiered, ivory death shroud with a ruff that would make Shakespeare proud.

But the true scene stealer, even more than Gary Oldman’s beautiful face, is Dracula’s majestic kabuki robe, one embroidered with gold dragons on either side and a silken train several yards long. We’re not sure why an undead Romanian prince is wearing Japanese theatrical robes, but when you look that flawless laying around the house, who really cares?

Let me tell you about how I got this kimono…
I may be an undead psychopath, but at least I look flawless.

Rosemary’s Baby

The satanic baby thriller to end all satanic baby thrillers just happened to be filmed at the peak of the Mod Movement, leaving us with some of the most ravishing retro-wear the era had to offer. In between moments of terrifying psychological trauma, we were left drooling over Rosemary’s wardrobe, with pieces like the iconic pastel blue nightgown with fringe collar, the ochre floral print housedress with white sandals, and the array of large-collared party dresses, usually paired with a bonnet. And don’t get us started on her suspicious neighbor Mrs. Castevet, the quintessential stylish granny putting thick strings of pearls, hair curlers with bandanas, and ornate bucket hats back on the menu. In the words of Rosemary shortly before her tryst with the Devil, ‘This is no dream!’

50 shades of yellow mod prints.
When you go to investigate your Satan baby, be sure to look this fresh.


In a movie that takes place in a ballet academy deep in the Black Forest of Germany, with an aesthetic modeled on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, can you take a wild guess how perfect the costumes are? They’re pretty damn stellar. There’s every possible pattern of nightgown you can imagine, but the late 70’s –when the Suspiria was shot — inform all of the film’s best, from the beaded, neutral-toned cardigans to the netted negligees. Even the matronly black suit/skirt combo worn by the sinister teachers have us ready to move in. Such cute leotards are worth in a stay with a possible coven of witches, right?

Back away from the cardigan…slowly.
What’s more ’70s? The clothes or the wallpaper??


Prom never goes out of style; even the proms that were filled with laughably large shirt ruffles and feathered hair on literally every scalp, regardless of gender. But Carrie is nonetheless a wealth of gorgeous outfits, from the gowns in every shade of the pastel rainbow, with suits to match, to the more casual clothing, like baby John Travolta’s flannel and puffy vest pairing. These all of course pale in comparison to Carrie’s iconic dress. It starts out as a pure angelic teen dream, a dress that every one of us imagined for when we fantasized about the romance of prom night, only to turn into the dress of the dead during its famous pig’s blood-riddled transition. Though to be honest, that dress really is one of our dreams; other people just might classify it as a nightmare.

These prom outfits are so out of style that they’re absolutely in style.
But behold, the true couture.


Ignore everything the humans wear in this surprisingly horrifying movie, and keep your fear-addled eyes on the Cenobites, the grotesque masochistic creatures from a portal to another dimension. If you can move past their pin-impaled flesh, you’ll notice that their black leather ensembles may have been some of the most innovative apparel in horror movies, ever. Pre-dating The Matrix by a solid decade, the film is secretly a showcase for how stunning a floor-length leather cloak studded with all manner of bondage/BDSM whips, hooks, and chains can be. It leaves quite an impression on your peers, especially if you’ve arrived to steal their flesh and take it to your torture chamber vortex.

Is it just us, or does this look like it could be in an FKA twigs video?

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