Raf Simons was just officially named the creative director of Calvin Klein, and we couldn't be more excited.



The 5 Things We're Most Excited To See from Raf Simons' Calvin Klein

After much speculation, Raf Simons, the former Dior creative director and Antwerp designer extraordinaire, was officially named chief creative director of Calvin Klein today. A little over three months ago, the label’s two creative directors, Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli, officially stepped down from their posts. Word on the street was that this was all part of a larger decision to consolidate all of the Calvin Klein collections under one creative direction. Apparently Simons will be in charge of design and imagery for Calvin Klein jeans, underwear, and home furnishings and their newly made staple underwear. All of which is to say, Calvin Klein is in for a real treat—and some notable changes.

More Color

Calvin Klein is pretty big on their blacks, whites, and if you’re lucky, greys and navy blues. Simons, on the other hand, not so much.

Calvin Klein Fall 2015
Calvin Klein Fall 2015, limited color palette and all.

Think back to the bold colors and prints that dominated his Dior collections—bright colored PVC boots, for instance, or his graphic and vibrant interpretation of camouflage—and it’s hard not to imagine the burst of color he’ll introduce into his Calvin Klein designs.

CD fall 2015
Christian Dior Fall 2015

Plus de Androgyny

Despite his short, four-year run as Dior’s creative director, it’s Simons’ eponymous label that lives closest to his heart and his design aesthetic. And one particular characteristic he’s known for is androgyny; Simons, on many occasions, has sent girls down the runway in his men’s collections. And if the below is any indication, he’s done so with aplomb.

Would it be wrong to say this looks better on women? (from his FW15 show.)

Incredibly Large Designs

Simons has always been a fan of the oversized—whether it’s the extra roomy trousers and oversized lab-looking coats that he did for SS16, or the almost comically oversized varsity sweaters and puffer coats he designed for his FW16 collection. And we’re eager to see how he’s going to incorporate this propensity for exaggerated garments into the typically clean-cut Calvin Klein aesthetic.

Models swimming in puffer coats, at Raf Simons’ FW16 show.

All we can say for sure is that, whatever he makes, Simons will undoubtedly keep you warm.


Simons, as mentioned above, brought so much to Dior, he practically gave the fashion house a second wind. Yet of the many unparalleled gifts he gave the brand, none is as alive, more beautiful, or more stoned than Rihanna. In 2015, Ri was named the face of Dior, making her the first black woman ever to hold this position.

rihanna and raf
Raf and RiRi: The True American Dream Team. Photo Courtesy of Skylar Williams.
More Tears 
If you’ve seen the iconic documentary Dior and I, which chronicled Simons’ first collection for Dior, then you know that Simons is a pretty emotional guy. We’re referring to that unforgettable scene, right before the show is set to begin, when Simons loses it and bursts into tears. We can only hope that Simons will bring this same impassioned, sometimes tearful disposition to Calvin Klein.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on the never-ending game of designer musical chairs. 

Images via Vogue and Dior and I. 

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