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The Annual Milk BBQ Was Hell on Earth

When the Milk wrecking crew says, “See you in Hell,” they aren’t kidding. This year’s annual BBQ bash was red hot, and all the legendary members of the Milk fam came out to celebrate, chow down, and raise Hell at Milk Equipment Rentals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From heavy metal sounds to hip hop hits that kept the party going, DJ Rob Orlowski and DJ Kissey kept the vibes lit all night long. And when the hunger pangs struck, Bareburger was there to serve up the best burgers and dogs of our lives. The cherry on top? Free ciggies at the cute AF Cig Bar, and a hot sauce table full of all your favorite hot as Hell sauces.

As far as barbecues go, this was one for the books. Did your invite get lost in purgatory? Not to worry—we’ve got an exclusive recap from Saturday’s inferno-inspired festivities. Check the photos for a visual tour de Hell above.

Stay tuned to Milk for more lit events. 

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