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The Anti-NYFW

Last season, we published a story on why fashion week wasn’t yet dead—this season, I believe the final nail in the coffin has been placed.

But we’re not so much mourning the old iteration as piecing together a new one. Fashion is no longer about exclusion, but inclusion; we’re democratizing creativity and tearing down the wall between those labeled makers and those consumers. The divide is gone; in its place is a new generation moving away from the staggered status quo and towards unity (not necessarily a unified creative vision, but rather, a unified status. In a word, equality). Clearly we’re not there yet—we haven’t “arrived”—but there’s something in the air. It smells like empathy, compassion, celebration (versus mere tolerance), dignity, and respect, and I can’t help but feel really fucking excited about what’s happening in New York off the radar.

In the spirit of going against convention, we took the mission of going underground to its most literal interpretation—by going underground to the New York City subways to shoot our own subversive version of New York Fashion Week. This is the next generation of authority on style. If you’re asking what’s hype now (or what will be in six months), they have the answer. Listen up.

Stay tuned to Milk for more underground style.

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