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The Autism Tomorrow Event Capped NYFW on an Uplifting Note

While we’re all still recovering from the whirlwind that was London Fashion Week, and getting back into the swing of daily life after NYFW, we’re also looking back on one of the week’s final events—the Autism Tomorrow charity dinner held at PUBLIC’s Bowery Garden. Founded by model and spokesperson Jacquelyn Jablonski, Autism Tomorrow seeks to build the bridge between adults with autism and a successful, fruitful life.

Milk.XYZ spoke to Milk founder Mazdack Rassi about the charity and its great importance—especially in the wake of New York Fashion Week: “They’ve been pushed aside. We tend to have this country where we look at health care not as a right, but something you’re lucky to have. Mental health, autism, all of these issues then don’t get the right kind of support.”

“It’s great that during this crazy Fashion Week where people are talking about fashion, and brands, and designers, that we’re talking about something that has real meaning and substance. We’re talking about something that affects so many people, so many families. There’s no one out there that doesn’t know an autistic person, and what’s crazy and even good is that some of them don’t even realize that. When you have a disorder that affects so many people on this planet, it’s something that everyone should want to learn about. It’s not the duty of only people who are close to it to learn about it, but people who aren’t close to it.”

The charity was inspired by Jablonski’s own experiences growing up with her brother Tommy, now aged 20, who was diagnosed on the severe end of the spectrum when he was just two years old. Jablonski aimed to create a charity that focused on supporting adults with autism. While most charities today are dedicated to supporting children with autism, there remained a gap in support after they left formal schooling. “We launched Autism Tomorrow to shine a light on these forgotten individuals”, the founder told Milk.XYZ. “Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for adults on the autism spectrum through access to job opportunities, continued education, and independent living.”

Check out the full gallery from the event above, and learn more about how you can give to the cause at Autism Tomorrow.

Images courtesy of BFA

Stay tuned to Milk for more ways to give back. 

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