Recreate These Beauty Looks From This Year's Oscar Nominated Movies

With the recent announcement of Oscar nominations (#OscarsSoWhite), people are frantically debating about who will win best actor, best actress, and best film. However, categories like makeup are often overlooked. It’s a shame, because the actors and actresses in the films this past year were serving beauty looks on a silver platter. Here are the highlights of some of these films’ very best beauty moments.

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared

The film is nominated for best makeup and hairstyling, and rightfully so. Danish actor Allan Karlsson transforms into a 100-year-old man, and pulls it off with style. I mean, look at that orange floral he’s rocking: he’s most definitely channeling Margiela.

What's that bathrobe Margiela?
Contempo casual.


Cate Blanchett looks beautiful no matter what makeup she’s wearing, but she especially slays in her 1950s look for Carol. Her bold lip colors perfectly match her outfits, making her look like the sophisticated badass we all wish we were. This film was snubbed in the makeup department, and in the best picture category. We’re not pleased.

"I'm a Boss ass Bitch" playing in background
Dying for the matte lip.

The Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl squashes the beauty wives’ tale that redheads can’t look good in red lipstick. In fact, as transgender woman Lili Elbe, Redmayne totally nails the color. While the casting may have been controversial, the classically stunning beauty looks certainly aren’t. We think that Redmayne would make a great spokesman for MAC’s Ruby Woo.

Red on red.

Mad Max: Fury Road

The fantastic film has earned itself an Oscar nomination for its otherworldly makeup looks. Our favorite comes courtesy of Nicholas Hoult as Nux, that silver guy with what looks like a computer programming chip branded onto his chest. We’re loving the metallic look, and we’re not alone; it’s inspired tons of makeup tutorials. Huffing silver paint never looked so good. 

Bound 2 <3
Bound 2 <3


When thinking of beauty looks, a boxing movie may not immediately come to mind. But Tessa Thompson‘s look in the Rocky sequel Creed is pretty flawless. Her character, Bianca, rocks braids, and simple makeup with glowing skin, and she looks absolutely stunning. And she gets to date Michael B. Jordan. Ah, the jealousy.

Every morning we fight to get our eyeliner like this, and every morning we fail.

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