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The Best of Just Like Heaven Fest

Just Like Heaven was a festival about reliving your youth and walking from stage to stage, hearing the greatest hits off of your entire burned CD collection stowed away under the front seat of your ’93 Honda Civic. From the YEAH YEAH YEAH’s playing “Maps” to Grizzly Bear with “Two Weeks”, only a festival like this one can suck you right back to late night jams driving around and contemplating your high school love life.

With accompanying acts like MGMT playing “Electric Feel” and shouting the teen favorite game “PENIS!” with the crowd, every act seemed to outdo the next, and with each passing hour, my mind wandered back to many musical places I was more than happy to revisit. With carefully crafted set lists and visuals to match, carrying on into the night was a seamless adventure into that old CD book. Passion Pit played their hits “Little Secrets” and “To Kingdom Come” and Miike Snow hit the nail on the head with “Animal”. It felt as though every single artist knew what the audience wanted to hear, and gave it to them. Every intro was greeted with a loud roar from the crowd in excitement that they were hearing their favorite tracks off of their favorite albums.

Karen O said it best: “We came up with all of these bands and its amazing to be here with them.” After the onslaught of nostalgia, what better way to end the show than with Beach House’s “Walk in the Park” or Phoenix’s “Lisztomania”. It really was the best live show to grab some beers and reminisce with friends on how awful high school was and how much you miss simpler times. So do yourself a favor: when you read this and dig out that dusty CD booklet, locate a JVC cd player, and throw on “Summer Jams ’04”. You wont regret it.

Journal collages by Vic Grime 

Stay tuned to Milk for more festival recaps.

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