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1/38 — Photo by Mitchell McLennan



The Blonds Teach Us How to Walk Like an Egyptian

Saying The Blonds are one of the glitziest, campiest designers working today is a cruel understatement. The past several seasons of MADE Fashion Week have all been closed out with their trademark explosion of sparkled, glittered, and sequined creations that put emphasis on the phrase ‘grand finale.’ But with their SS16 collection, The Blonds may have truly outdone themselves.

Phillipe Blond, who always opens the show, emerged like the robot Maria from Metropolis, if Maria had somehow gotten lost in a tinsel factory. The ornate decadence of her dress set the tone for the rest of the ensembles that she and partner David Blond constructed for SS16, a line that took its chief influence from Ancient Egypt. There were dresses embedded with scarab beetles and headpieces made from the wings of the god Osiris; one model even pulled out a ring/eyeglass shaped in the classic heavily-lidded Egyptian eye.

The clothes themselves were, of course, phenomenal. There were emerald bombers paired with gold thigh high boots, black sequined corsets paired with wing-tipped breastplates, gold lamé pantsuits with sparkly gun holsters, and the real piece de resistance: a sheer, skintight dress embroidered with jet-black crocodile scales. It was a Thanksgiving feast of hedonistic fashion, and to be perfectly honest, it gave us so much life that we think we’ll be set for the afterlife.

Photography by Andrew Boyle, Christine Hahn, and Mitchell McLennan.

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