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The DECCO Duo & Leo Stannard Talk "Sun Comes Out"

If you want to talk about ideal dream teams, the DECCO x Leo Stannard pairing might be top of our list. “Sun Comes Out” dropped mere days ago, and we’re already sold on their musical mastery—so much so that we couldn’t let the moment pass without digging deeper on the track, it’s creation, and what’s next for each musician.

Simply put, Swedish duo DECCO brought the tropical house production, and Stannard brought the swoon-inducing vocals. The result? A song made for total summer slayage. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard “Sun Comes Out” yet, do yourself a favor and take a listen before peeping our interview below. Then, keep scrolling for our leisurely chat with the artists currently killing the game.

Congrats on releasing “Sun Comes Out”! What has the reception been like so far?

DECCO: It’s just been released so it’s all pretty fresh. The response has been great, we even received some fan art which is a first for us.

Leo Stannard: Cheers! It’s been great, everyone I’ve played it to loves it and it’s reacting really well online so it’s looking good!

Can you talk about your creative process behind the track? How did it all come together?

D: The actual song came together pretty quickly, we were jamming out with Leo at our writing space and the sun came out from behind these huge rainclouds. It’s a simple line but when Leo sings it with his to me over melancholic chords it adds another dimension, something more emotional. It took us a while to figure out the production though, I think we tried about seven different drops. In the end we settled for the simplest one.

Leo: We wrote a lot of the song on the first day we met and that all happened very quickly. Then it took a while to finesse so every time the DECCO boys were in London we’d link up and then it all clicked into place.

I read that the song was recorded on a rooftop apartment overlooking London. I love that. Why the unconventional recording space?

D: As songwriters we spend so much time in murky studios and soundproof basements so we started working out of different, more inspiring spaces. We don’t actually need a whole lot of gear during the creative process so actually having some sunlight while writing and jamming makes much more sense to us. The apartment in London belongs to a nice lady that rents it out to us when we’re in town. The decor hasn’t changed since the 1960s so there is amazing vintage furniture everywhere. We actually had a photo session there.

Leo: The guys were renting this apartment while they were in London so I’d just come over, we’d get the instruments out and that was that! It was actually so nice to not be in a proper studio for a change, it was just us hanging out and making music.

How did you guys link up with Leo? What made you know that he was the perfect person for this collab?

D: It was actually Alex Vargas’ manager that put us in touch with Leo’s manager. We saw one of Leo’s acoustic videos, just him and his guitar, singing with that amazing expression that he has. We were super excited to get in the studio with him. We always try to work with people that have something unique that you don’t hear everywhere.

Leo: They invited me over to the apartment they were renting in London and we just hung out and made some music. I don’t think you know if it’s going to be a good collab until you actually start working together. But it felt really good at the time so whenever the guys were back in London we’d get back together and carry on doing what we were doing.

DECCOI know you have written and produced for a lot of other acts. What does it feel like to be putting out your own stuff and just get to have complete creative control over the project from start to finish?

D: It feels amazing. It’s exactly that creative control that makes all the difference. There’s also a different vibe in the room when you are there writing as an artist, rather than for somebody else. It’s fun to create music for other people and we’ve been doing that for quite a bit, so figuring out how we actually want to sound is something new and exciting for us.

Can you give us a little picture of what the Scandinavian pop scene is like, especially compared to the States?

D: I think Scandinavia and especially Sweden is dominating the pop industry at the moment. Basically half of the songs out there were made by Swedish songwriters or producers. It’s awesome how the government supports the arts with school programs and free studios, that’s definitely unique in Europe. You can even get a degree in songwriting. There’s also a ton of awesome Swedish indie music that is blowing up all over. Our friends from NEIKED for instance had a huge hit with “Sexual”.

That’s dope. What’s next for you guys now that “Sun Comes Out” is out?

D: We want to try and get as much love as we can for this song and build our profile a bit. We’d love to do some live shows and more music videos. There’s also more music in the pipeline, one song with Alex Vargas, who we worked with already on ‘Higher Love’ and another really cool feature that we can’t announce just yet.

Leo: For me the main focus now is finishing the album! A lot of the festivals are done now so it’s time to get back in the studio, and I really can’t wait!

Featured image courtesy of Leo Stannard

Stay tuned to Milk for more dope collabs.

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