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The Faces of 2019 Who Marched For Women Everywhere

“It needs to happen, it has become a tradition.” -Alisia Ortiz, Women’s March 2019.

To march for women’s rights is to fight for not only yourself, or your mother, or your friend, but for all women.

People marched this 2019 in unity and with an understanding that each woman faces different limitations. Participant Mary Grace Benalich chose to march for these reasons: “I am here to stand here in solidarity with citizens all around the country.” Feminism is not limited to the rights of one type of woman. Instead, feminism includes supporting women of any background.

Photographer Ethan Halpern took to the streets last weekend to document the protests: “The Women’s March has become a tradition in our country, and it is prevalent now more than ever why we need it,” he says. “As the divide in our country grows we need to come together as one. We should not let religion, race, sex/gender, or sexual orientation divide us, or get in the way of the marching we must do to have our voices heard.”

“As a male, I find it so important to march alongside all women. As allies, we need to make sure their voices are heard.”

People are protesting their frustrations. We demand change. Andrea Llanes fiercely announces, “We are here because we have to fucking be here, we are angry!”

Here are the faces of 2019 who marched for women everywhere.

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