The music industry as a whole tends to skew toward the male species, which is why we're long overdue for a revival of the all-female Lilith Fair.



The Female Artists That Would Slay A Beyoncé-Led Lilith Fair Revival

We know how the build-up to music festival season goes. Every year, we gather our best fringe jackets and multi-colored bandanas as we wait (and wait) for our fave festivals to unveil their lineups. We flip when the glorious moment finally arrives, and we click on the lineup poster in anticipation: Kanye? Yes! Snoop? How interesting. Mumford & Sons? Really, again? But wait, you think, where are hell are the women?

The music industry as a whole tends to skew toward the male species. As such, we’re rarely afforded an opportunity to cheer on our favorite gurlz. Even at the most liberal of music festivals, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any female performers aside for Grimes. And as much as we love her, we’d also like to see more women. Sharon Osbourne noticed this dearth and offered a suggestion: revive Lilith Fair.

David Duchovny and Sarah McLachlan backstage at Lilith Fair in the ’90s.

A short-lived festival founded in the ’90s by Sarah McLachlan, Lilith Fair travelled the country with an all-female lineup and would make the Coachella bros and valley girls of today collapse in shock. It took place during the summers of 1997 to 1999, with lineups that featured female artists from all walks of life, including badass rapper Missy Elliott, soulful legend Erykah Badu, and rock hero Fiona Apple. Unfortunately, the fest only lasted two years and was revived in 2010 before shutting down completely. During an interview with Billboard, Osbourne called on Beyoncé to instate a similar, girl power fest. And as someone who’s made it a point to use an all-female band for all of her performances, boasts a squad of female dancers that’s bigger than your Facebook friends list, and has fought for feminist causes for centuries, we couldn’t think of a better artist to spearhead the feminist fair.

So to help Bey out and get this revival underway, we present our favorite, fresh-faced single ladies and legendary naughty girls that we’d love to see play alongside Bey at the fest. We also encourage Bey to name it the Formation Fest and to hold it on 7/11. We’ll stop now.

Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood Mac’s 2015 tour was a reminder of Stevie Nicks’ unmatched prowess and inimitable style. The frontrunner’s delectable chops would make a fantastic addition to Lilith Fair—back in the day, when it was first instated, and now as a revival. She toured with Fleetwood Mac last year, and we’re ready for more. Her witchy vibes are perfect for celebrating female power. Break out the shawls!

We love you too, Stevie.

Kate Bush

Ah, Kate Bush. A mystical, magical woman. She’s unearthly, surreal, the original art pop goddess–and karate master. As The Guardian detailed in 2014, it’s frankly unbelievable that such a fabulous weirdo was such a giant star. While she didn’t perform live for years, she blew people’s minds with her London  concert residency in 2014. We don’t live in London. We want to see Kate Bush. Let’s get her to the Lilith Fair revival.

Out on the wiley, windy moors…

Carly Rae Jepsen

Typical festival-goers may think “Call Me Maybe” is the most annoying song of all time, but her transition from bubblegum princess-in-training to dream-pop songstress is one worthy of applause and recognition. Of course, she doesn’t receive this from the festival scene because—well, what women does nowadays, am I right? This makes a Lilith Fair revival the perfect platform for budding-yet-underrated indie queens like Jepsen. Her charming stage presence and power-pop hymns make for the best scream-alongs that any music lover could ask for. Even snobby audience members can’t resist the sheer joy that she exudes. “Call Me Maybe” truly unites the people.

The glittery fabulousness you can expect at a Carly show.
The glittery fabulousness you can expect at a Carly show.

Grace Jones

Really, what is there left to say about the goddess, the master Grace Jones? After she utterly slayed Afropunk last year, we want to see more–a lot more. Jones is miraculous when performing live, and everyone deserves a chance to see her. While she claims to have been “attacked by feminist groups,” we still think that Jones is the very embodiment of female strength. She’d be a Lilith Fair revival standout.

A magical shapeshifter.


Look, Beyoncé and Rihanna have never collaborated or basically done anything together other than take cute little photos, and that is simply unacceptable. Rumors of a petty rivalry have run rampant since the beginning of time, and we can think of no better way to squash this speculation than co-headlining a festival for the greater good. Rihanna may not be the go-to festival girl, but she crushes every fest she does play just from the magnitude of her immense hits. A live Beyoncé collaboration would just make the stage explode. And destroy our health.

We need this to happen in real life and not be a photoshopped mess.
We need this photoshopped mess to happen in real life.

Image via Tumblr.

Stay tuned to Milk for more hypothetical feminist festivals we’d like to make into a thing.

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