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1/12 — Liz Davis



"The Fox & Goldfinch" Documents a Love of Wildlife in Urban London

Wedged within London’s sprawling cityscape is an ecosystem of urban wildlife that has survived the industrial development of the last few centuries. With filmmaker Stella Scott and photographer Amber Rowlands as their documentarian, “The Fox & Goldfinch” follows Liz Davis and David Harrison as they seek out said wildlife in a effort to preserve and maintain its beauty. Scott saw something almost magical in the pair, and thus, felt compelled to make note of their companionship and devotion. Lucky for us, she’s now sharing the fruits of her labor.

With a friendship that has spanned over 30 years, both Davis and Harrison both share an interest in wildlife, and the ways in which it is cultivated and sustained in the midst of the mega-city that is London. Accompanied by an editorial photography series, Scott’s project is not only an intimate glimpse of the artists’ vibrant world, but also a stunning portrait of the British cityscape.

Check out the photography series above, and be sure to watch the film here:


Starring Liz Davis and David Harrison
Directed and shot by Amber Rowlands and Stella Scott
Written and edited by Stella Scott
Grade by Simon Astbury
Music by Kevin Pollard
Sound mix by Mark Hills 
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