35 tons of the gadgets are about to be destroyed.



The German Police's Beef With Fidget Spinners

Earlier this week, German customs at Frankfurt Airport announced that they were going to destroy 35 tons of confiscated fidget spinners. GASP.

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no way you haven’t heard of the fidget spinner. This swiveling sensation, originally designed as a toy to help children with ADHD back in the ’90s, has taken over the ~interweb~ and turned into an international media sensation over the past couple of months.

Not only have these not-so-new gadgets gained everyone’s attention and (annoyingly) invaded our social media feeds, but they have also inspired designers and cooks alike, turning the gadgets into subjects of lavish makeovers and culinary experimentation. Yes, there are now diamond encrusted fidget spinners.

So why, you may ask, do German customs have beef with the harmless lil twirling toys? According to the Washington Post, Frankfurt authorities found that they posed possible choking hazards for small children, and were missing important information regarding the company producing them. As a result, they confiscated 35 (metric) tons of fidget spinners, which arrived in multiple imports from China, in May alone. Now, the mass of meme superstars will be obliterated and wiped from existence.

TBH, we’re not sure whether to be outraged or relieved.

Source: The Washington Post

Images via The Cut

Stay tuned to Milk for more toy-related beef.

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