The L Word Secretly Had The Best Musical Guests

Along with being one of the first (and most important) queer-centered shows to take the airwaves, The L Word also featured some kick-ass musical guests. While people often talk about shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The OC having music that could soundtrack a great mid-2000s party, The L Word is often overlooked. And beyond the simplicity of a good soundtrack, that show took it to the next level with band cameos and concerts.

To celebrate the world of the West Hollywood lesbian haven, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite musicians who made appearances throughout the show’s six season run.

the l world 3
Bette’s excited too!


If you’ve ever watched The L Word past season one, you’ve definitely taken note of the theme song. And said theme song is by none-other than the seemingly omnipresent BETTY. Somehow, they’re like constantly at the Planet? And then in the studio with Kit? Do they actually play music in The L Word-world or are they just like vaguely queer icons?


Every performance on The L Word feels like some weird dream sequence. Heart is no different. Most the time it feels like they just got kinda bored and were like, “Let’s put a concert here.” Which is what they did in the season two finale. But, can we really complain? Heart rocking out to ‘Crazy On You’ was a great way to finish the second season.

Snoop Dogg

Remember Snoop Dogg’s RECURRING role on The L Word as ‘Slim Daddy’ (which is basically just Snoop Dogg playing Snoop Dogg) when he was sampling Kit’s song. It’s the best cameo in television history. Hands down.


While Snoop Dogg was the weirdest musical cameo, Sleater-Kinney was the one that made the most sense. While Sleater-Kinney definitely could’ve played a venue bigger than The Planet, the scene was simultaneously adorable — who can resist Carrie Brownstein on guitar — and heart-wrenching. Poor Dana :(

Tegan and Sara

Of course The L Word had to feature some stereotypical lesbian bands. And Tegan and Sara were the most stereotypical, most lesbian band of the days. In an episode where most things were really, really sad, the Tegan and Sara concert scene was an unexpected bright spot. And who doesn’t like Tegan and Sara?

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