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1/15 — This is Prince's first televised apperance, in 1980 at the Uptown Theatre. He was only 22 years old, but he got up on that stage in zebra bikini bottoms and thigh highs, in true superstar fashion.



The Many Spectacular Looks Of Prince: His Fashion Evolution

It is common knowledge that Prince was a musical mastermind. He gave us all the gift of his incredible, timeless music, and we will always be indebted to him. But the Purple One wasn’t only gifted in the realm of music–the guy had a ravishing sense of style. It added to his elusive persona, and also made him a fashion icon. He always dressed with a bold sense of flare, complimented by supreme confidence.

Prince didn’t care what anybody had to say about how he presented himself, because it was a part of who he was. He said, “Fuck you,” to traditional masculinity, becoming his own entity. He showed us that gender doesn’t apply to; it’s all about dressing in amazing clothes, and looking amazing in them. He especially worked those high heels, and all the looks with deep V-neck trimmed with lace.

The musician’s style wasn’t meant to be understood, and neither was the man himself. But that’s what made him so fascinating and wonderful. He taught us that you can break society’s style rules, and still look damn good. So go get out your best heels and your most decadent blouses, because that’s what Prince would’ve wanted you to do. Rest In Purple, my friend.

Images via Getty Images, Billboard Magazine, MTV, and Brit + Co.

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