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What’s almost as good as the week before Memorial Day Weekend? The week after. Yes, as our delectable four-day work week comes to a close, we’re soaking up the sun, preparing ourselves for another round of well-deserved R&R, and online-shopping to our hearts content while we wait for the weekend to commence. Wanna shop this week’s picks? Peep ’em below.

Nikolai Rose Mantra IV NecklaceNeglecting your neck? Necklecting? Okay sorry for that, but I won’t apologize for this dope ass piece brought to you by Nikolai Rose. The Mantra IV necklace is your best friend. Oh, why, you ask? Because it’s fun, it’s flirty, it’s versatile AF. Depicted in that cute ass collage I made for your eyes to feast on, you can see that the necklace can be worn in three waysas a chain, a choker and a bracelet. Maybe there are more, but I’ll leave that for you to find out. – Brandon

Super C SerumSkin Authority is back on my list again this week with their Super C Serum. This stuff is magic in a jar, magic I tell you. It is somewhat clinical in smell, but sure makes your skin even, glowy and look like you just had a facial. It is a little pricey, but definitely worth the cost. – Bianca

Shiseido Eyelash CurlerYou will never have to buy an eyelash curler again after trying Shiseido’s. It hugs your lashes and lifts them up to keep your flirty look fresh all day. Sometimes, my lashes are still curled even after I shower. Yes, even after they get wet! – Bianca

Lala Retro Whipped CreamDrunk Elephant calls their award-winning day-or-night cream “retro,” but I’m here to say this stuff is fully of the future. Literally, my face is glowing. It has been three days. These guys don’t mess around. Also, this moisturizer is whipped to perfection with six rare African oils, is non-sensitizing, non-irritating, and comes in an adorable little lavender and cream pot. Need I say more? – Emma

Swing Time by Zadie SmithZadie Smith’s latest offering is a New York Times bestselling novel, and that shouldn’t even come as a surprise. As the author of one my absolute favorite books, ‘On Beauty’, Smith already has my heart. Call me a bookworm, but I seriously can’t wait to pick this one up. – Emma

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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