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Can you say TGIF? Truly, the weekend can’t come fast enough these days—now that the sun has made a semi-permanent appearance for the foreseeable future, it’s all systems go for full blast summer vibes. As you wait for the door to close on this work week, take a leisurely scroll through the following editors’ picks. This week’s list contains skin care, skin care, skin care…plus one very handy key fob finder for the forgetful among us. Ready for more? Peep below.

Tile Mate TrackerConsider this a PSA for the clumsy, the irresponsible, the me’s of the world. How many times have you lost your wallet? Your keys? Your laptop? All three at once??? Yeah, don’t want to talk about it… Well, had I known about Tile prior to losing practically all of my most valuable belongings, I wouldn’t have been in the pickle that I oh so regrettably found myself in. This lifesaving little square tracks anything that you attach it to. Say you lose your backpack, but you placed a tile inside of it; you can both play a sound to locate it if it’s near AND track it on an app. Yes, it’s basically like Find My iPhone, but for anything. Say it with me: Hallelujah!!!!!!! – Brandon

O.R.G. Mineral Peel FaceIt’s been long overdue that I apply the ‘self-care’ ideology to more than just my sleep schedule. Thankfully, O.R.G.’s Mineral Peel Face has made it easy to seamlessly do so in my skincare routine! If you are like me, you know nothing about skincare and don’t really know where to start. Well, pick this product up. As easy as 1, 2, 3 (quite literally), you will feel the skin debris (ew?) that this spray eliminates when you wash it off your face after just three seconds of application. Followed by a little moisturizer, your skin will be lookin’ silky smooth AF and feelin’ fiiine. – Brandon

Linné Botanicals Repair Face OilMany people are skeptical of face oils, but I’m here to say that face oils are my jam and they could be yours too. Linné Botanicals serves up greatness with their Repair Face Oil which is the perfect blend essential oils like rose hip and Jojoba. Not to mention it smells so refreshing too! – Bianca

Fig and Yarrow Rose MaskDetox masks are the name of the game and Fig and Yarrow is your go-to brand for them. I love the Rose Mask because it smells like a garden and leaves your skin smooth and renewed. They come in powdered clay form so you can mix them with honey, apple cider vinegar and/or water. Take your pick; you won’t be disappointed. – Bianca

Time Revolution The First Step Essence New to face essences? Time Revolution The First Step Essence is a good place to start. This liquid toner-like treatment is meant to be the base layer before you apply other skin care. Put it with a cotton pad every morning and every night to see healthier, hydrated skin. – Bianca

Kao Megurhythm Hot Steam Lavender Eye MasksSometimes it’s the little things in life that make you happy, like these Kao Megurhythm Hot Steam Lavender Eye Masks. These individually packaged, disposable eye masks are the ultimate relaxation invention. They are easy to throw in your bag when traveling or to keep next to your bed. I sometimes use them as heating pads on the go when it’s that time of the month! ;) <3 – Bianca

Skin Laundry Hydrating Cream Face Wash & Brightening SerumThis duo is truly a match made in Heaven—and, fittingly, has worked miracles on my skincare routine. Let’s start with the hydrating face wash. My skin was so happy to finally get some luxurious moisture from a product and can’t say I disagree. I followed it with the brightening serum for a true glow-up that was second to none. Truly, I can’t recommend this duo more. – Emma

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power EssenceIt never crossed my mind that I might one day be putting snail mucin on my face and be bragging about it, but here we are. This little nutrient-filled jar of snail goodness has changed my skincare routine for the better—and I’m boasting the bright, glowing results to prove it. Snatch this stuff while you can—it frequently goes out of stock because it’s just that damn good. – Emma

Sunday Forever x Surf Lodge Stay CandleI love Sunday Forever because they come up with impossibly cute (and affordable) ways to make Sunday evenings, which give me so much anxiety I want to (and often do) cry, infinitely better. Their latest candle, a collaboration with the infamous Surf Lodge, is for sure going to be my candle of the summer. – Mathias

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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