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The Milk.xyz Weekly Editors' Picks

There’s something in the air this week. Summer, is that you? As we continue our painfully slow jaunt into the warmer months, the weekly online shopping barrage continues. This week, we’ve spread our wings beyond the usual skincare regimens to some extra interesting ingredients (think kale, roses, and fancy ass essential oils) as well as items that go beyond the beauty shelf, as in, actual clothing. See for yourself, below.

3 x 1 Jeans The 3 x 1 jeans are all amazing (albeit a tad pricey). They have so many cool and ~trendy~ cuts ‘n’ shapes, and they all fit really, really wellnone of that tiny sizing bullshit. They also have a bunch of simple but well-cut tops and jackets. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a solid, good pair of jeans! – Dania

Shiva Rose Pearl Milk CleanserRadiant Rosewater and Glow Face Balm These three products are perfect if you’re into the sweet smell of roses and a non-harsh skin care routine. They’re all super light, use carefully picked out all-natural ingredients, and smell amazinggg. If you’re feeling hot ‘n’ humid this summer, the Radiant Rosewater leaves a refreshing, yummy feel to your face with just a couple of sprays. The Pearl Milk Cleanser is a light, creamy face wash that leaves your skin incredibly soft, and the Glow Face Balm has a super smooth texture that will instantly feel like it’s healing and replenishing your dry skin. Go get it. – Dania

Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream by Thank You FarmerNot sure who the exact mastermind behind this product was, but I’ll say it for good measure—thank you farmer. The Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream by Thank You Farmer is as effective in its powers as it is direct in its name. Within just a few days of application, not only did I recognize the progress, but my mom even mentioned that I don’t look as tired anymore… which means it’s true! If you too have a messed up sleep schedule and the under eye bags to prove it, cop this and you’ll fool everyone into thinking your a responsible, well-rested young adult! – Brandon

Janis EmbroideryWhat’s better than clothes? Customized clothes! Fuck yeah! These impressive designs courtesy of Janis embroidery are pretty much exactly what your clothes need for that extra ~je ne sais quoi~. Blessing your dope threads with even doper threads, trust the talented Brooklyn-based Paris-transplant, Janis, to pimp you out. After all, the brand claims, “tattoo your clothes, because you know your skin is too precious.” Can’t argue with that. – Brandon

Oille Hemp + Sea Kelp Hair SerumIf you have frizzy AF hair (hi, it me) or just want an extra boast for your tresses (I think that’s everyone), this stuff is for you. Oille claims it’ll give you “catwalk hair” and I can’t disagree. With 99 percent organic ingredients and six essentials oils that are certified for purity, it doesn’t get much better than this. – Emma

St. Tropez Gradual TanWanna feel like a bronze goddess sans skin cancer? St. Tropez is about to be your best friend this summer. It’s the season for glowy, tinted skin, and they’ve got every product under the sun (pun intended) to keep you looking fresh all season long. We tried out a few different versions of the gradual tan (there’s In Shower, Tinted, Classic, for example) and I have to say it was super hard to pick favorites. Looks like I’ll be sticking with all three! – Emma

The Method: Cleanse Blemish Control by Lancer The ultimate face wash. It’s an anti-aging cleansing gel also formulated for blemish-prone and oily skin. What more can you ask for? It’s all blended up into one product just for you! – Bianca

Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose TeaHave you ever bought magic in a box? Well now you can. Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea is the coziest sipping experience I have had to date. This lovely blend of rose warms your heart just like the summer sun. – Bianca

Oille Raspberry + Goji Facial SerumIf you are looking to revamp your glow, but aren’t quite sure where to start, this Raspberry + Goji face oil by Ollie is just for you. Infused with rose hip and sandalwood extracts, this luxurious face oil will tighten and calm as well as hydrate the skin. Face oils are the key to a summer glow, people! – Bianca

Guy Morgan Apothecary Clay MaskGuy Morgan Apothecary is ahead of it’s time. Their clay masks are simple, effective compositions using the highest quality organic ingredients and minerals. They are the perfect tools for a good skin detox! Not to mention this line of skin care is intentionally unisex because skin care is for everyone. Am I right?! – Bianca

Spirulina Microalgae and Kale MaskThink kale is just a trendy addition to your morning juice concoction? Well, think again, for this super food is proving itself to be mighty beneficial for not only our tummies, but our faces too. Youth to the People is serving up a Spirulina Microalgae and Kale mask packed with superhero super greens from land and sea. This age prevention mask speeds up cell turnover and nourishes the skin leaving it plump and hydrated. Hale to kale! – Bianca

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

Stay tuned to Milk for more Weekly Editors’ Picks.

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