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The Weekly Editors' Picks

Today’s list is short and you know what that means: we’ve been outside soaking up the f*cking sun. Yes, dear readers, summer is finally here to stay (for the time being) and NYC is celebrating accordingly. We attacked the sharks in Montauk (kidding, kind of), watched fireworks like the good Americans we are, and dragged ourselves back to work after a long-ass weekend that unfortunately ended, against all odds. And now, without further ado: the picks!

Lush BB Seaweed Face MaskIf you have been looking for the perfect product to make your skin glow, tighten up, and feel softer than it’s ever felt before, then look no further. Genuinely, my face has never felt or looked so good than after using this Lush BB Seaweed Face Mask. First, let me gush on Lush a little bit… This product is made fresh, delivered to their stores weekly, and handmade with completely ethical and natural products (can I get an amen?!). While wearing the mask,  I could feel the healthiness of the ingredients seeping into my skin and I never wanted to take it off. Next time you want to treat yourself (and your skin), you know what to do. – Jordyn

Sunday Riley’s Good GenesThe holy grail of face treatments in my eyes is Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. This all-in-one lactic acid face treatment will leave you glowing after the first evening you put it on. I try to use is sparingly so my little bottle will last for some time because this magic potion sure is a pretty penny. However, it is worth every cent! – Bianca

Young Frankk JewelryThis is the jewelry line you have been searching for. This summer, statement earring are in and Young Frankk has ’em all for ya. Geometric yet very feminine, these designs will elevate any outfit in a jiffy! My favorite earrings at the moment are the Double Drop Earrings, perfect when paired with a breezy blouse. – Bianca

EO ProductsEO Products, such as their hand sanitizers, shampoos, and conditioners, are packed with essential oils and creative collaboration. Their core ideology is to give people beautiful, healthy body care. All of their products also smell divine. What more could you ask for? – Bianca

Everyday Hero Zimmerman BootBoots aren’t necessarily your go-to summer footwear option, but Everyday Hero has changed that with their Zimmerman boot in a color they’ve appropriately and amazingly deemed ‘Little Red Corvette.’ If you’re looking for a badass statement shoe (which you should always be doing really), then stop looking, for these are the ones. Aside from gorgeous, they’re also comfortable, add a little height and well-priced. Bravo Sweden! – Brandon

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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