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We’re now in the dead of summer, and we’re starting to feel restless. Unfortunately for our wallets, that means a hell of a lot of online shopping here at MILK.XYZEach week, we like to tell you about some of the newest shit you might want to spend that Friday paycheck on, because hey, everyone deserves a little somethin’ somethin’ when you’re forced to drip in sweat just from walking to work. Sigh. Check out this week’s roundup, below.

Smoothie BeautyIf you’ve always been drawn to the idea of homemade, DIY, all-natural face masks, but never found the time to actually go through your fridge and make one, this is the brand for you. Smoothie Beauty’s masks are all composed of 100 percent all-natural food-based ingredients, each holding a key to healthy skin. All the blends seem like actual tasty smoothies, but don’t be fooled; they do wonders for your face, too. Personal favorite was the “Sunrise” brightening mask made of whole milk greek yogurt, raw active manuka honey, whole grain oats, lemon juice, turmeric, and lemon peel. – Dania

Warby Parker “Lionel” FramesWith the retro, 1970’s aviator eyeglasses being back in style, might as well get them from a both legit and affordable eyewear brand. The frames are the perfect shape, not too droopy, not too narrow, and come in both titanium silver and navy. What’s more, Warby Parker’s dope system lets you try on the glasses at home for free for a week, before you decide whether to buy them or not. Definitely peep ’em out if you’re looking for some new specs! – Dania

Intentionally Blank JOY Robins EggThis little company from Los Angeles is a must, plus these shoes are literally everything (hence I’ve had them for less then a week and have worn them, I don’t know, everyday?). We get it; there are so many cute summer shoe brands out there. Intentionally Blank just does things differentlytheir colors are vibrant, their materials they use are comfortable, and best of all, you don’t have to drop five bills to get your feet in them. – Jordan

Pelechecoco Rhodes BagConvenience and environmental consciousness have never looked this cool. Pelechecoco, a brand that prides itself in using only recycled leather, is helping change the world without sacrificing style. Their Rhodes bag is a testament to that, but also conventional AF with endless compartments and multiple ways to rock it. Get your hands on one at an affordable price if you care for Mother Earth and your style. – Brandon

Glycolix Elite SunscreenIt’s a tad embarrassing to admit, but wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is new for me. I thought that avoiding oil was basically the only thing you had to worry about when lathering up your face, but also learned that checking the active ingredients and making sure there was  a good amount of Zinc Oxide was also key. This one, which you can pick up at Park Ave Skin Solutions, is beyond perfect. – Mathias

EiR Sunset OilI have only recently discovered face oils as a part of my daily skincare routine and this EiR bottle is now top of my list. It’s for post-sun exposure when your skin needs that extra dose of moisture, but I’ve pretty much been using it every evening because #summer. All-natural ingredients and a gorgeous smell make this oil my definite fave. – Emma

EiR Sunset TonerAn obvious companion to the Sunset Oil is the Sunset Toner: made with rose and aloe that soothes the skin, this cute little bottle is made with love in Brooklyn, NY. It smells lovely and does wonders for my face, too. Definitely on my list of summer must-haves. – Emma

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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