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As happy hour fast approaches and Friday comes to a close, the most common inquiry is this: “What are you doing this weekend?” But then, the answer is so obvious: Panorama, yo! Duh. Before you pack up your cute little festival bag and hide the real goodies away, we’ve got a few essentials to tide you over via Editors’ Picks. If you think you’re all set for this weekend’s fest, think again—you’ll want to snag a few (or all) of these items, too. Check ’em below:

VidaKush Kawasaki ChokerI found this brand a little while ago and fell in love…so much so, that I had to have some of it for myself. This choker is the perfect in between of switching from day to night while not having to worry. It’s also super light and comfortable on my neck which I rarely experience with chokers. An amazing find. – Jordan

Verameat Sweet Tooth HoopsEarrings are so on trend right now, I refuse to leave my apartment without them. I like teeth too, so obviously I’m obsessed with these “sweet tooth” sterling silver hoops with dangling teeth. Verameat, a company born and raised in New York, is home to all the strange and unique jewelry you’ve ever wanted, and then some. Plus, it’s real metal, none of that fake sh*t. – Jordan

Hawthorne For MenHawthorne for men was started by two childhood friends who came together to create premium fragrances for men, composed of raw materials and niche ingredients. They offer super personalized fragrances based on body chemistry and lifestyle data (beer or wine? For example). They partner with legendary perfumers Olivier Gillotin, Rodrigo Flores-Roud, and Quentin Bisch. They’re also super cute about it and make you one scent for WORK and one for PLAY; I loved the latter one they made for me, which is a modern fougere gourmande with vanilla, lavender, and black pepper. Once you go custom, there’s no going back for me. 10 out of 10, highly recommend. – Mathias

Herbivore Blue Clay Spot Treatment MaskThis Blue Clay Mask by Herbivore is truly natural and might just be the only thing you want to put on your face once you try it. All of the ingredients are plant-based and the clay provides a detox that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated! 10/10 would recommend this mask to help calm and heal your skin when it is feeling blue. – Jordyn

Refresher Shower Jelly by LushDown in the dumps? This product is sure to cheer you up and make you feel cleaner than ever. This jelly will give you a lemony lather and citrus scent to help you feel cool and refreshed after a long day. Try this oneor any of the other fun scentsto mix up your next bath time routine! – Jordyn

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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