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The MILK.XYZ Weekly Editors' Picks

You can’t buy happiness, but you can certainly buy a few things that make you smile. Case in point? The following Editors’ Picks. These transformative, stylish, and just plain cute AF items are all available at the click of a button (or the tap of an iPhone) and though we can’t guarantee instant happiness, we can guarantee instant gratification, which is kind of the same thing.

Whether you’re on the hunt for new beauty products to restore that summer glow or need a new pair of snappy office heels, we’ve literally tried it all. Just consider us the ultimate guinea pigs of style and skincare. You’re welcome!

Better Skin Co.

The Lava Magik multi-purpose cleanser scrub and mask is great if having versatile products is your thing. Everything is surfactant-free as well as vegan, so you know a lot of care went into putting this all together. – Mathias

Everlane Day Heel and Leather ToteIf you’re looking for good quality, good fitting, both elegant and basic clothes, don’t miss Everlane. All of their designs are dope, ranging from perfectly cut wool turtlenecks to comfy leather sandals. While Everlane isn’t the cheapest brand out there, it’s one of the most honest and transparent ones. All of their products all great quality and made ethically, and the brand reveals its true costs and markups, so you know you’re not getting ripped off. These adorable Day Heels in Pale Pink are one of brand’s signature pieces, along with this easy to wear, classic leather tote. Go check’ em out! – Dania

Pelechecoco Edie BackpackReal talk, sustainable fashion is the new black and Pelechecoco has made it this much easier (and cooler) to commit to. Featuring ready to wear and accessories, solely composed of upcycled fabrics from denim to suede, this brand has totally revamped recycling. Their Edie backpack, an honest ode to ‘too cool for school,’ is the perfect carrier for a weekend trip, your work commute or even the gym, if you’re as shamelessly extra as moi. – Brandon

Maison Louis Marie Eau de Parfum No.09 Vallée de FarneyFinally, a brand of scents eradicating gender scripts from the world of fragrance. Maison Louis Marie is a brand rich in its French heritage, inspired by the botanic roots of its family’s history. Its scents are a true sentiment to its “floral tradition,” that has lived on since 1792. While No.04 is the fragrance that has made a name for its makers, No.09 is a true contender. Boasting citrus top notes enhanced by cedarwood and patchouli, prepare yourself for compliments every time you wear it. Side note… they come in candles, just saying. – Brandon

Litty & Sh*tty in the Big Bad City PodcastThe ladies of this podcast are true, committed queens of content, embodying the essence of “for us, by us.” As young creatives themselves, Emily Wilson and Chloe Richman interview fellow young creatives in New York City, touching upon topics ranging from professional careers to gender and sexuality, all in a comfortable and casual environment. The podcast is fun, approachable and oh, fucking hilarious–not to mention their promo videos, which I’ll leave for you to discover on their Instagram. – Brandon

Vida Kush La Bella Rosa RosaryI might be Jewish but I am super into this rosary thing that people are seemingly so into. VidaKush does it so well and delicately that it can be worn nearly every day and stacked with a few of your favorite other pieces. I know that’s what I do. Oh and it won’t break the bank either, AKA you can buy it at the beginning of the month with the money you have left from paying your rent. Score! – Jordan

Heyday Customized FacialIf you’ve lost your summer glow (or have spent a little too much time in the sun), let Heyday come to your rescue. I hadn’t had a proper facial in almost 10 years when I sat down at Heyday Nomad, and boy did I need it. Antionette treated my face to an array of luxuries that were customized to my skin, and I was instantly hooked. Basically, Heyday reminded me, when I needed it the most, what it feels like to be spoiled. I don’t hate it (in fact, I’ll probably be back next month for a follow-up appointment). – Emma

GRANA SwimI’m in the midst of a major closet detox, and with that said, have been searching for some new go-to essentials. For swimwear, GRANA was the obvious choice, and after reading this article on why they’re able to create such high quality, affordable, and stylish swimwear, I was hooked. Olive green was the way to go for me, but you can also cop a suit in black, navy, or cream. Hard to choose, I know! – Emma

Balenciaga Speed Knit SneakerAlthough they look strikingly similar to my Nike workout shoes, these Balenciaga sneakers are the perfect combination of sporty and sleek. They embody the classic minimal, yet modern feel of Balenciaga, including the logo on the side of the shoe, and have the high-end hype beast feel that I not so low key pretend I have—and they are insanely comfortable which is always a bonus. – Adair

Off-White Mid-Calf SocksTo go with the sneakers are these Off-White crew socks. While they may be a little expensive for what some deem “white socks with black stripes,” it’s how I feel in them that counts, right? Knowing I’m wearing designer socks with the dope sneakers automatically elevates my look—even if no one else can tell. – Adair

Off-White SweatpantsAs you can probably tell, I am a sucker for Off-White. These oversized sweatpants are oddly flattering and complete the sporty, high-end, hype beast look I want to go for. Luckily with the ever-so-quickly evolving fashion sense, the sweats can not only be worn around the house, but also to work and even the club, and you still look cool doing it. It gives off the perfect “woke up like this” look even though you probably spent hours getting ready. Like the Balenciaga sneakers, the branding on the side of the pants gives off a gaudy but cool vibe. – Adair

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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