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The Weekly Editors' Picks

Did you online shop till you dropped last Friday? If that answer’s yes, we’ll take due credit—The Weekly Editors’ Picks was launched with a bang, and it’s now all systems go for take two. We’ll keep this short, since your eyes are probably already wandering south (or north); we’ve once again gathered the internet’s best and brightest, and reviewed our top picks. Without further ado, check ’em below.

Levi’s Wedgie Fit JeansWe know you are looking for the perfect pair of Levi’s so why not go to the source. Here they are: the jeans you’ve been waiting for. No need to go to a thrift store and try on 873 pairs of old, stiff, denim. Levi’s has remade that coveted retro fit that makes your cake look tasty. – Bianca

Essie “Color Binge”The sun is coming out in NYC and that only means one thing for your feet: pedicure time. The perfect color for me right now is Essie’s “Color Binge”. It’s a brilliant shade of red that is just a little orange and not too coral. Super sassy and, most importantly, screams badass bitch! – Bianca

BEVELShaving has always been a major motherfucker for me thanks to a thick beard and super sensitive skin. I basically had what looked like roadkill growing on my face to avoid the pain and insane amount of time I had to spend to get a solid shave. BEVEL has totally changed that; for only $30 a month, you’ll get a 90-day supply of products. Products are shipped quarterly. The product was made for sensitive skin in particular, and is far superior than anything else I’ve tried.

SacaiI stumbled upon this clothing line after seeing the campaign for their Spring 2017 collection. They blend punk with androgynous cuts and even stereotypically “feminine” color palettes in a tasteful fashion, carefully avoiding any Hot Topic vibes. I don’t own anything from this Japanese company yet, but hey, Hanukah is only…nine months away.  – Mathias

Slim Aarons – Once Upon a TimeThere’s nothing like a perfect coffee table book. I mean, not only does it show you have good taste, but it’s something you can peek into when needing some inspiration here and there. For those who love photography and the sight of beautiful people in their elegant AF lives of the 50’s,60’s, and 70’s – this was made for you. – Jordan

Pixie Market : Red Gingham Smocked Bell Sleeve TopAs my shopping addiction continues and I browse the internet in search of things I don’t have the money to buy for, I turn and stare at this red gingham top. I think there’s a right and wrong way to do these and Pixie Market has definitely got the right idea. – Jordan

GoldLink – At What CostWho can get through the day without music playing in their headphones. I certainly cannot and therefore need something popping to get me through the day. GoldLink, the rapper from D.C. is back with a new album that bumps. Really, I cannot stop listening to it. – Jordan

The Break Last weekend I popped in here per the recommendation of my friend and was met with two things I love: rosé and a dope AF collection of wonderfully curated vintage clothing. Needless to say I was hooked. – Emma

Maison Louis Marie No. 4 Bois de Balincourt CandleMost say that turning 18 marks your transition into adulthood…others argue that it’s blacking out on your 21st. I, in all of my power and might, declare that it’s when you start buying scents for your apartment—sorry, Yankee Candle doesn’t count. The No.4 candle by Maison Louis Marie is everything. You know that deliciously subtle fragrance that lingers throughout Nolita? This is the one. Some compare it to Le Labo’s Santal 26, but compared to Le Labo prices, Maison Louis Marie is a far better bang for your buck. – Brandon

Just Kids by Patti SmithYou can stop asking your friends for book recommendations and thank me later. If you live in New York City, this motivational memoir by singer-songwriter, Patti Smith, will strike an emotional chord in you. If you don’t live in New York City, trust this book to inspire you to move. Everyone’s heard about what the city used to be under Warhol’s reign, but Smith lived and flourished in it alongside her side kick, artist and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. This book, a transcription of Smith’s extraordinary experiences, is a portal into the heydays of New York City’s creative scene. – Brandon

The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)You’ve probably seen this show under “Trending Now” on Netflix—with good reason. This eye candy balances perfectly on the line between two would-be tag lines: “tame show to watch before bed” and “intense cooking show to invest your emotions into”. The delicate, British voice of celebrated culinary maven, Mary Berry (yes, that is her real name), also serves as soothing background noise in case Gordon Ramsay’s barking on Master Chef isn’t exactly your vibe. Pace yourself though, there are (sadly) only three seasons out so far. – Brandon

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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