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The MILK.XYZ Weekly Editors' Picks

Another week, another fresh batch of our current favorite ~items~. We’re talking everything from body wash to our new shades of preference, ready to grab up before the summer ends. We’ll keep things short and sweet and let you in on the goods, below.

CRUDE WASHCRUDE describes their products as “a new way to clean,” and that just about sums up their brand perfectly. Made from 10 plant-based ingredients and completely soap and detergent-free, this body wash is unlike any other you’ve tried before. It’s soft on the skin and has made mine happy as a clam. Need I say more? – Emma


Even though I pretend that I am not, occasionally I can be a bro. These Gucci slides are the perfect example of what my frat star brother would wear, but I’m not mad about it. They are the perfect shoe for running around, after the gym, or basically, any outfit you want to level up. To complete the look, wear them with some type of sock (I’d recommend these) because when you’re wearing Gucci you should go hard or go home, right? – Adair

On some very unfortunate mornings I wake up and my eyes are so small most people probably can’t even see them. As I searched the internet for a solution, I came across the Jade Facial Roller from Herbivore Botanicals. It does a multitude of things for your face, including reducing dark circles, eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation, among many other benefits. Even if you don’t feel like you need it for the reasons above, it still helps you wake up and feel refreshed in the mornings. – Adair


I don’t usually trust myself with nice sunglasses (I lose more than I’d like to admit), but when it came to Covry, I couldn’t resist. The price point is far from intimidating, and the shades themselves are both utilitarian (they protect from the sun but NOT solar eclipses, just a warning) and chic, not to mention fairly unisex in nature. It’s a shame you can only wear one pair of sunglasses at a time because these babies are next level.

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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