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Hello spring! Or shall we say, summer? It’s heating up quick, and we’re busy prepping for summer 2K17 like it ain’t no thing. Counting down the minutes until the weekend commences? We feel you. Stop what you’re doing stat and whip out your shopping list: the team is back with this week’s top picks. Peep ’em below.

Le Birkin BasketThis bag-basket is gonna be your secret weapon all summer: cute as hell and practical as ever, this is one accessory that toes the line between picnic basket and purse with expert precision. – Emma

It Just Do TeeYou read it right, it just do! Michael Carney is churning out these T’s that will turn heads for its playful jumble of Nike’s slogan. If you say it out loud, you will prob giggle, or maybe even belly laugh like I did. These shirts are just too good, it just do!  shrug emoji – Bianca

Starskin SILKMUD Pink French Clay MaskAs a lover of all things skincare, this mask is really like no other. Personally, I have never heard of Pink French Clay before, so I already was feeling bougie AF wearing it, and then to top it off, I’ve also never heard of mud mask that was a sheet mask… Honestly, I was shook. For $10 bucks you get an amazing mask that delivers on all of its promises. – Katie

The Mini Chocker Nameplate NecklaceI may be a little late to the party when it comes to this necklace, but I now understand the hype. This choker sits so nicely on your neck, and it is the perfect everyday kind of necklace. And hey, if you ever forget your name, at least it’s always around your neck! – Katie

Big Little LiesThe cast of this show is just so absolutely amazing, and, if for no other reason, the girl boss power alone will have you hooked. Seriously, this show is just a rollercoaster of pure excitement, emotions, and angst. I am close to the finale and honestly just don’t want it to end. – Katie

Verameat Signet Ring Bent Back Are you in the market to pimp out your pinky? Yes? Good. This sexy ass sterling silver signet ring by Verameat is the perfect statement piece to treat yourself to or to gift a dope friend that 1. loves jewelry 2. appreciates the female figure. – Brandon

Davines Sea Salt Spray 

Straight haira blessing and a curse. If you, too, suffer from hair that is just too fine for its own good, cop a bottle of this. Davine’s “This is a sea salt spray” is just that, and will bestow upon your long locks the sexy beach-y waves that I know you’ve been yearning for. Now we can all stop pretending that we enjoy dunking our heads into the water at the beach. – Brandon

Common Muse Classic HoopsThese earrings are everything. All I can say is gimme gimme. – Jordan

Clare V. Alice Black Woven BagFor those who wear black 365 days a year, but are kind of into this whole warm weather thing. – Jordan

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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