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The Weekly Editors' Picks

No matter how many surprises (good, bad, and just plain wack) the world has up its sleeve, we’ll never be without our one guilty-pleasure-constant: shopping. And whether you prefer surfing the web undisturbed or pounding the pavement to hit all the best brick and mortars, we’re right there with you. Below, a delectable list of this week’s favorite finds, straight from our shopping carts to you.

Mosser Glass’ Bathing Beauty (Coming Soon New York)Daaamn, is that not the finest piece of glass you’ve seen? This Bathing Beauty, available at one of Lower East Side’s dopest shops, Coming Soon, can hold any of your small chachkiessnacks, keys, cigarette ash. Das’ right. Even if this versatile showstopper isn’t what you’re looking for, make sure to stop by the store, you WILL find a dope accessory for your home. – Brandon

Group Partner Tan Lines PotSo I’m on a furnishing kick and hope that you are too. Though, I’ve come to realize that the furniture part isn’t really the problemIt’s finding the cool and quirky housewares that will turn your unjustifiably small, yet expensive apartment into a home. That is why I present to you the Tan Lines Pots by Group Partner, where you can put your toothbrush or a nice lil succulent. They’re cute, functional and relatable, thus, a no brainer. – Brandon

Devita’s Moroccan Rose Facial TonerThis week I cannot get enough of Devita’s Moroccan Rose Facial Toner. Sold at Whole Foods, this face mist leaves your skin smelling like a real life rose garden. It also keeps pores tight and gives you that glow everyone is searching for. Or maybe it just makes you look kind of sweaty, but it’s all about your outlook! – Bianca

032c Issue #31As New Yorkers we’ve all stumbled across magazine stores we vow are “the best,” raving about their authenticity and diverse selection. Last winter, I walked into a corner store near Bowery Station filled with star photography alongside pages of undeniable journalism; it was there where I met my lover 032c—a fashion and art magazine published twice a year. I couldn’t get enough! If you’re a fashion and art enthusiast make sure to check out 032c, in selected stores or online. – Kristie

Young Frankk Hand EarringsI’m currently head over heels for these gold-plated beauties. Just funky enough for my always-eclectic vibes and just ~chill~ enough to counter the classic all-black NYC ensemble. These babies can’t be beat. – Emma

Baby FootThere are a lot of beauty and self care products that boast of miraculous results, but typically don’t deliver. Such is not the case with Baby Foot. You know exactly what you’re in for. Basically, you put your feet into bags with this cream for an hour that starts to get rid of any dead skin. Your feet will peel over the next couples of days, which is pretty gnarly, but the new skin is INSANELY smooth. I want to do it all over my body but might die. Anyway, 10 out of 10 highly recommend. – Mathias

“I’m The One” vid

I know it just came out this morning, however, my favorite thing atm is “I’m The One” by DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo. I have played this song about 20 times today and will be blasting this all weekend. Bieber looks so amazing in this video just major, major heart eyes (and key for this summa). – Katie

Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 MascaraPossibly the best mascara I have ever tried! I am definitely a drugstore mascara kind of girl, but this is a must have. It’s vegan, $23, and it is lengthening, and so so so volumizing I don’t even curl my lashes some days, and they look perfect. (all damn day too). – Katie

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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