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The Milk.xyz Weekly Editors' Picks

While it’s pouring down rain here in NYC, we’re spending the week living vicariously through our fellow fam travelers and their lit photo diaries, while simultaneously fulfilling our weekly online shopping quota. That’s right: it’s time for another round of editors’ picks. Peep what we’re loving below.

Topsalon Derma RollerWant bigger lips without having to get injections? Derma rolling could be the answer. Your lips will not grow three sizes bigger, but your pout will definitely get plumper. The way a derma roller works is by creating tiny punctures into the skin to stimulate skin repair and cell regeneration. When the body sustains an injury, it heels itself by creating new collagen. If it is your first time derma rolling, try buying a roller with needles no longer than 0.5 mm, then eventually work up to 2.0 mm, but never any longer! If done incorrectly, derma rolling with needles longer than 2.0 could cause serious damage to the skin. Best part? A derma roller should cost no more than $20. Roll on folks! – Bianca

Carne Bollente Erotic Tee ShirtsCome closer dear, take a better look. Carne Bollente’s NSFW statement pieces are without a doubt conversation starters, but small talk probably isn’t the only thing they’ll spark… If you’re looking for something to turn a few heads on the street, get one of these babies. Their website offers an array of different embroidered “positions,” but also lines of sweaters, caps, and socks—so the options are endless. – Brandon

Side Party Graphic Snap Button SkirtSummer is coming up and I personally am in need of new skirts. This one has that flirty feel to it but isn’t too much, AKA wear it in the streets or 2 the party. – Jordan

Revice Venus CropsYou can never have enough jeans, and there’s even a star on your booty in these. – Jordan

[reads]Start your summer on an intellectual note: [reads] is a personally curated book subscription for those of us looking for a little more substance than Netflix and chill. In their own words: “real books curated for the curious.” Hooked? Sign up for their mailing list while you wait for their official launch this summer, and, in the mean time, attend one of their events if you’re in NYC. – Emma

Dean Roper Cheeto PipeSmoking weed is wonderful. Smoking weed out of a clay rendition of Obama’s head is doubly wonderful. Or perhaps a Cheeto pipe will tickle your fancy. I don’t own these yet but I’ll be damned if I don’t by the end of the summer. – Mathias

Lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

Stay tuned to Milk for more Weekly Editors’ Picks.

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